99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party

99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party


99dresses is the world's largest 24/7 clothes swap party in an app. Trade fashion with friends and other stylish women, and refresh your closet as often as you like.

You'll never have to wear the same thing twice!

      • HOW IT WORKS *
List clothes, shoes and accessories to immediately earn 'buttons' to spend.

2. CLAIM ITEMS Use your buttons to claim fashion that other women are giving away. All items are FREE, but you pay for the shipping label.

3. RECEIVE, WEAR & ENJOY! When you get bored of the item just re-list it in a click and go claim something new!

99dresses is the easiest way to refresh your closet and get your shopping fix, 100% guilt free!

  • 99dresses is much faster, easier and cheaper than selling your fashion for cash (no commissions here)
  • Trade with confidence. We guarantee that you are happy with every trade.
  • Connect with our vibrant community of other fashionable women
  • Swapping fashion is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about looking stylish

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