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Flashband Brings Musicians Together.

Flashband is a musician connecting organization based in Washington DC. We organize events that help musicians meet, network and play music.Flashband is based on the premise that music is made when musicians connect, and the best way for them to connect is to do stuff together. We organize different types of events, but they’re all centered around a single premise: bringing musicians together. These events fall into three main categories: FLASHBAND:PLAY events have the primary focus of getting musicians together to play music. Whether it’s a jam session, open mic, or full-on showcase event the driver here is people with their instruments. FLASHBAND:SOCIAL is just about meeting musicians. These can be networking happy hours, speed-dating for musicians, music discussion parties and more. Expect a fun event where almost everyone you meet is a fellow musician. FLASHBAND:LEARN fills in the gaps of all the things you wish there were classes for but can’t find. Learn how to set up a tour with your band, trade best practices with other musicians trying to reach new audiences, or learn from the experts on the ins and outs of your gear and instrument.

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