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SMS Investing

A newsletter publishing company located in Denver, CO. The company writes about ...

How We Came to Be:

With the financial crisis of 2008, and the current “Market Bubble” many claim we are currently experiencing, I felt there must be a better way to achieve financial security than “buy and hold.”

I developed a methodology to evaluate groups of funds, and rank them. The methodology evaluates a combination of items including: Total Return, Momentum, and Moving Averages. Once the score is calculated, it is compared with other ETFs in the group and the top 3 funds become the current month’s recommendation. Using this approach I developed strategies which can detect changes in general market trends. While not a crystal ball, the measurements do seem to improve upon “buy and hold” methods as evidenced by our back testing results posted at The end result of the testing became the cornerstone SMS strategies: Covering your Assets – Evaluates Asset Classes Switching through the Sectors—Evaluates S&P sectors. Adding Value—Evaluates Small, Medium, and Large Cap value funds.

These strategies have several advantages including: • “Up-side potential.” The strategies effectively identify parts of the market which are currently trending up. • “Down side protection.” The strategies effectively identify when the market is trending down, for additional safety. • The strategies only take a few minutes a month to maintain.

The company maintains a website where subscribers can follow the strategies and receive notifications when strategy recommendations change.

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