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Sites using Grails

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This is a company web application which is built by Grails and its developing work is going on. There are Budget, Procurement, Inventory, Accounting, Fixed Asset, QS plugins.



This is a company web application which is built by Grails and its developing work is going on. There are Budget, Procurement, Inventory, Accounting, Fixed Asset, QS plugins.


Sistema de Gestión Documental y Administración de Correspondencia

El sistema atenea administra la correspondencia externa que llega a su empresa, así como la correspondencia que se envía desde la empresa hacia el exterior, al igual que la correspondencia entre los funcionarios de las dependencias, este sistema es multi empresa y también permite manejar el archivo central y generar las tablas de retención documental

Topicshuttle - rapid minutes typing

Topicshuttle is the easy web based solution for managing your meetings | agenda,...

The better way to create meeting minutes. With Topicshuttle writing your meeting minutes is faster, easier and more understandable.

  • Access from any computer and any browser on your minutes.
  • Invite with an agenda for your appointment and create your minutes seamless.
  • Agree upon your minutes directly online with your most important meeting participants.
  • Send the finished meeting minutes with possible attachments and tasks at your fingertips in seconds.
  • Track the resulting tasks and create to-do lists directly from your minutes.
  • Create your own templates to suit your organization, or use the Topicshuttle template.
  • Get your complete meeting history in a single document for tracking and orientation.


Goodspeed is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that offers an affordable Internet access on...

Goodspeed is your internet connection in your pocket. Having a global coverage and fixed price plans users are able to be connected & online wherever they travel without worrying about massive roaming costs.

The Goodspeed service has been built with Grails starting from day one. As the team developing the service has a strong footprint on Java, Grails was an obvious choice to explore and utilize. The service is about providing Goodspeed users a Web interface to manage different aspects of Goodspeed offering and to manage the service usage with various aspects including network operator interfaces, billing, online store and so on.

The development team has been very pleased with the overall offering of Grails; from rapid development tools to scalability challenges and extensive plugin support for 3rd party software.

Directory of sports nutrition

Directory of sports nutrition. Automatically aggregates information from multiple sites in a single collecting directory with convenient search and compare prices. Developed with love in Minsk, Belarus.


EntrenaYa is a big community of gyms that provides a new alternative of training...

We sell online gym passes for people interested in a new concept of training. The aim is to help them to make a decision based in an intelligent management of their gym usage and their finances, and that's the reason why we offer daily or 10-day passes, also we offer the possibility to sell regular passes like 1-month or 3-months


Flashband Brings Musicians Together.

Flashband is a musician connecting organization based in Washington DC. We organize events that help musicians meet, network and play music.Flashband is based on the premise that music is made when musicians connect, and the best way for them to connect is to do stuff together. We organize different types of events, but they’re all centered around a single premise: bringing musicians together. These events fall into three main categories: FLASHBAND:PLAY events have the primary focus of getting musicians together to play music. Whether it’s a jam session, open mic, or full-on showcase event the driver here is people with their instruments. FLASHBAND:SOCIAL is just about meeting musicians. These can be networking happy hours, speed-dating for musicians, music discussion parties and more. Expect a fun event where almost everyone you meet is a fellow musician. FLASHBAND:LEARN fills in the gaps of all the things you wish there were classes for but can’t find. Learn how to set up a tour with your band, trade best practices with other musicians trying to reach new audiences, or learn from the experts on the ins and outs of your gear and instrument.

Yellow Pages Australia

Yellow Pages Responsive Website for Mobile Devices and Desktop

After much needed work on the Yellow Pages website, the team undertook the task of rewriting the site using Responsive Web Design techniques. The team benefited from the rapid application development provided by the Grails framework and is further aided by the plugins available in the ecosystem. As such, the team was able to focus explicitly on building the features of the site rather than spend time on plumbing.

The framework's foundation in Java/JVM also helped the team a great deal as their primary proficiency was in Java and learning Groovy was relatively straightforward for them. All in all, the experience with the Grails framework has been overwhelmingly positive.

========== NOTE: This is the update of the current Yellow Pages Mobile entry on the list. We have released the updated version of the application including both Desktop and Mobile traffic into one site. So we thought we should give you guys the update. Many thanks for an awesome framework. ==========

Kind regards, Linh Pham


SafetyNotes is an online solution to manage Material Safety Data Sheets

SafetyNotes provides a complete solution to manage your Material Safety Data Sheets in order to comply to the regulations. It also offers a large set of features to add custom safety data sheets, print labels, and facilitate the transitioning process towards the Globally Harmonized System.

Built with Grails 2.5.0