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Sites using Grails

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A collaboration tool for outdoor groups

TerraHubs, LLC is a free tool you can use to join groups, create groups, organize adventures and events, communicate with like-minded people and share your interests. Currently in beta now, but


ePR is a revolutionary way to serve the needs of ebook readers and authors. Built specifically with the needs of the ebook community in mind, ePR offers a clean, simple and attractive site where readers and authors can connect and socialize to build and strengthen the ebook community.

Birth Charts For Free - Jaatakam

Jaatakam is a web 2.0 app that generates vedic indian birth charts

Jaatakam is a web 2.0 app that generates vedic indian birthcharts based on your date of birth, time of birth and place. It is used by Indian astrologers to predict current astrological status and compatibility for marriages. The app lets you generate a chart without logging. With a login, one can save their natal shart and generate pdf documents that can be exchanged with others who are interested.


Amazing, personalized fashion at your fingertips.

Pandora for fashion. Personal shopping assistant that helps you discover trendy clothing and accessories available in stores around you.


Likella allows you to create your store loyalty card in only 5 minutes

Keep in touch with your preferred shops, be notified of new products and great promotions. Collect points and get rewards.

Likella is an innovative solution, fast and simple, to bring out the most of your business. A real mobile – commerce completely free and without charge, and always will be, both for retailers who will use it, both for customers who will benefit.

Combining the social network world to the shopping on the road and the mobile internet, Likella creates the foundation for a whole new range of services that will excite both the sellers and their customers.

Connect with Facebook to make even more fun and social your experience.

Tourism Operator's Emissions Calculator

Emissions calculator for tourism operators to help identify savings.

Emissions calculator, one skin for tourism operators and one for fisheries. Both groups have benefitted significantly through the process of resource tracking.

The calculator has a core questionnaire model and reporting using jfreechart and jasper reporting, dynamic questionnaires, PDF generation, spreadsheet download, administration reporting and integration via RSS and apache camel. The full documentation is here:

Ropa de Colores (Clothes by colors)

Search for clothes (T-Shirts, bags and shoes) using a color detection algorithm

In this site you can look for different kind of clothes (T-Shirts, bags, shoes) that were listed in, the largest e-commerce site in latin america, using a color detection search engine. You can choose from clothes in 11 different colors. The site implements chico-ui a twitter boostrap like UI framework. Very nice look and feel.


Hiveword is an online novel organizer

Hiveword is a website for writers that contains two applications in one. Hiveword proper is an online novel organizer and the Writer's Knowledge Base is a searchable collection of articles on the craft of writing.

Xchange Video Games

Trade your used video games (PS3, XBox, Wii) with friends and gamers in your cit...

This website was created to trade used video games (PS3, XBox, Wii) between gamers that don't use their video games any more. There is a collection of about 2500 titles where you can select which titles you have, and the ones that you are looking for trade. You can login throw facebook or you can create your account throw email. The website periodically sends you a summary email where you can read the available games you selected as interested to trade. It was built using 100% Grails, MySQL and Amazon AWS.

Canadian Mattel

Mattel website for Canada.

This is Mattel marketing site for Canada. Shows products and where to buy them. It also records feedback about toys from parents. It is fully build using Grails and Mysql. It gets updated constantly with new products, coupons, etc,

Designed and build by Isobar Canada.

Fan Appz

Fan Appz helps brands convert fans into customers, and turn good customers into ...

Fan Appz helps brands convert fans into customers and turn good customers into great ones. Our Personalized Marketing Platform makes it easy to grow, engage, learn about and ultimately convert audiences, starting with compelling social experiences that build awareness and drive engagement. With strong foundations in the CRM software and Direct Marketing industries, our mission is to help brands use social data insights to improve the targeting, personalization and performance of all of their marketing efforts, from email marketing and online advertising to website and in-store promotions. Launched in 2010, Fan Appz is a privately-held company with headquarters in Santa Monica, California

Nokia Prime Place

Prime Place enables business owners to add their business listing free of charge...

Prime Place enables business owners to add their business listing free of charge to Here Maps on web and mobile, share opening hours, website and contact details, and add lots of images to show what their business or service is all about, and why you can’t miss to visit! We understand SMBs and know that time and budget to promote your business is often limited. This is why Nokia Prime Place was born. We offer an end to end experience from adding your business listing to the map and becoming discoverable, to enriching your business page with content, like images or opening hours. To round up your business page, we’ll automatically pull in reviews from partners like Qype and TripAdvisor. This gives your business additional credibility.

Built with Grails 2.5.0