Sites using Grails

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TwooglePlus is an online service that cross-posts tweets and blog posts to GooglePlus. Tweet using your favorite tools (e.g. Flipboard on the iPad) or post on your blog (with RSS feed) and your work is automatically posted to your G+ circles. TwooglePlus uses Redis and MySQL.

Soongz - Social Music Network

Soongz is a brazilian startup Social Music Network currently in beta. The users can create "radio" stations, chat with the visitors, share music, become fans of artists, etc. It was developed using Grails 2.0.

Rally Eagle

At we make it easier for you to find and buy the American-Made products. We screen each product on our site so that we only show you products Made in the USA and where they can be purchased. We are continually striving to improve our selection, accuracy, and organization, and we hope you can find what you are looking for. Ultimately, we are working to make it incredibly easy for people to support their local economy. Happy Shopping!


We are a social network for founders, startups, investors, designers, and programmers focused on helping startups in early phases. (Currently, focused on Germany)


Frequently lunch with a bunch of people ? BunchBill helps you split the bill.

Going on a holiday with a bunch of friends ? BunchBill helps you split the bill.

Who's turn is it to pay ? BunchBill solves that question.

Ramsey County National Children's Study

The University of Minnesota has been selected to be a lead study center in the National Children's Study to assess the effects of environmental and genetic factors on child and human health in the United States. This will be the largest and most comprehensive study of child and human health ever conducted in the United States.

GR8Conf Web-sites

The GR8Conf websites are running on a Grails, with the Weceem plugin, spiced up with some custom made extras to support showing speakers, presentations and the agenda. All the websites run in the same application, but under different url's:, and