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Sites using Grails

Built a site using Grails? Tell us about it and help spread the word about Grails usage! Submit Website for Approval.

Peer-Review system for students provides a peer-review solution for students that allows them to upload their papers and invite students/teachers to review their documents. is built on grails.


The World's Micro History Site

Social networking site for keepers of a town's history - as told by its occupants. Close tie-in with Google Maps allows visitors to visually explore a town "then" and "now".


Social Book Writing Site

mybetabook is a service that allows people who enjoy writing to be supported by readers. Writers can submit their unpublished works for readers, who can send their feedback to the writers.

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creative social networck

This project is a social network based on the ideas of social network Diaspora * for the free exchange of languages!Free Get free give. (c)Wanted volunteers.


DevRates - open source reviews by developers is a community for developers using open-source libraries. It collects around 200 most popular Java, Javascript, Ruby and mobile frameworks. The main content of the site are user's reviews - each library can be rated by overall, usability, simplicity, documentation and community ranks. Users can also build their profiles by selecting libraries they use, listing projects they made and receiving positive votes of their reviews. By following certain frameworks, users can get related news from Twitter and project blogs. The site is built on Grails with custom layout and PostgreSQL database.


Bokzuy is the place where you can give your opinion about your friends' and colleagues' actions directly and do it exercising your sense of humor :)

Gallery of Good

Gallery of Good champions creativity in all children. The site includes the ability to open an online art gallery for your child (up to 18 years old). Track their yearly progress. Get feedback from artists and creative professionals. It is a family-friendly community that is endeavors every child to stay creative and develop life-long skills that will help them become successful grown-ups.

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