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Sites using Grails

Built a site using Grails? Tell us about it and help spread the word about Grails usage! Submit Website for Approval.


Social Betting Game

BetHUNT is jump forward in the betting sector that is suggesting a social approach. Through virtual bets on our platform you can learn how to bet with real odds from major UK brookers on the hottest international soccer events. Challenge yourself and your friends never been so easy!

Office Wake Up

Active work breaks with Office Wake Up. Fit at Work! (in German)

Interactive work breaks for better health and improved fitness. One break per hour will minimalize work fatigue and improve your well being.

CRV Webshop

Webshop selling advanced genetic products for cattle improvement with an ERP bac...

CRV BV is an international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement. They sell genetic products, offer supporting services and develop SaaS solutions for farm management.

Genomics Core Facility

A site used to submit and collect high throughput DNA sequence samples.

This site is used by researchers to submit DNA sequence samples to a queue and retrieve raw data associated with them. This was a rewrite that allowed us to easily add built-in integration of pagination, sorting, registration, etc. and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

NEMO Portal

This site is used by researchers that study the human brain with EEG recordings.

Researchers create and share cognitive psychology experiments that use and analyze EEG data. One of the (many) advantages of using Grails is that it allowed us to integrate directly with Java Ontology processing libraries internally and spawn (real) threads to execute background processing. This site was a complete rewrite of an existing Rails site.


With a few clicks, let Debtonator re-balance your books, and bring you back into...

An automated and semi-automated debt reconciliation add-on for Xero.

For Accountants and Bookkeepers alike. Seamless integration with the award-winning Xero accounting software means that it is now effortlessly easy to chase overdue invoices. Clear, straightforward software which takes the work out of organising and communicating with your Debtors. is one stop shop to take any practice exam anytime anywhere

Easytha is a free online portal to make education easier for all. It is the one stop shop for learning, teaching, profile building and hiring. Whatever category of learner you are, a student at school preparing for exams, a recent graduate looking to test yourself for the right qualifications to go abroad, or an aspiring job seeker who wants his profile to be known at EasyTha is the right destination for testing and scoring yourself. Easytha also allows you to save your scorecards to track your performance records. If you are an educator or a publisher of papers, Easytha is the place where you can spread the knowledge database. With an easy access to a variety of papers you can write your own test papers, design exams and even publish them for students to access. Easytha is also the platform where employers can view profiles of job seekers and in turn job seekers can also get visibility by publishing their scorecards on the website. No matter how you are related to education, Easytha is the destination for you.

Marketshare Partners

Leading cross-channel marketing analytics provider for many of Fortune 100 compa...

Our product is first of its kind in the field of marketing analytics,specially targeted to cross-channel marketing analytics.We provide our clients a Saas based application that is developed on Grails. Using Grails allows us to rapidly develop & test new features and enhancements.Our products are currently deployed at worlds biggest companies in retail,IT,automobile fields.

card2brain flashcards

Create free flashcards on the web and learn them on your smartphone

Create free flashcards on the web, share them with your friends and learn them on your smartphone. With card2brain flashcards you can create, edit, share and learn your own flashcards or you can choose from a library with millions of ready-made cards in different categories and levels. With the app for iOS and Android you can learn offline and synchronize your study progress.

Built with Grails 2.5.0