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Sites using Grails

Built a site using Grails? Tell us about it and help spread the word about Grails usage! Submit Website for Approval.

Marketshare Partners

Leading cross-channel marketing analytics provider for many of Fortune 100 compa...

Our product is first of its kind in the field of marketing analytics,specially targeted to cross-channel marketing analytics.We provide our clients a Saas based application that is developed on Grails. Using Grails allows us to rapidly develop & test new features and enhancements.Our products are currently deployed at worlds biggest companies in retail,IT,automobile fields.

card2brain flashcards

Create free flashcards on the web and learn them on your smartphone

Create free flashcards on the web, share them with your friends and learn them on your smartphone. With card2brain flashcards you can create, edit, share and learn your own flashcards or you can choose from a library with millions of ready-made cards in different categories and levels. With the app for iOS and Android you can learn offline and synchronize your study progress.

Social Shopping

Social Shopping Simplified ! 1-stop destination for managing shopping wish-lists...

Save what you like on any website in 1-click using our browser bookmark and extensions. Discover new producs. Invent new offers. Compare prices instantly. Find new shopper friends having similar shopping interests. Get free online vouchers!

Click & Golf

Golf tee times booking in Spain

Click & Golf is a Spanish website that provides an online tee time service for golfers, who can book their tee times through the platform at various golf and pitch & putt courses throughout Spain and Andorra. The website has been launched in March 2013. The application uses MySQL and the following plugins: Paypal, Asynchronous Mail, Quartz 2.X, Spring Security, Spring Security Facebook, Simple Captcha, and even more!

GameCreds, the Ultimate Social Network for Gamers

GameCreds is the first social network for gamers dedicated to video game enthusiasts around the world. It allows any member to automatically track his friends or star players' gameplay, and broadcast awesome video game action LIVE anytime!


The biggest online furniture mall in The Netherlands

Our online furniture mall is by far the fastest growing online furniture mall of TheNetherlands. We offer furniture in the categories: Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Closets en Beds. We combine all styles from trendy design to classic country style and everything in between. Meubelboek makes online furniture shopping easy and fun.

Using grails internationalization features it was extremely easy for us to create an online furniture mall in the United States as well ( It uses the exact same codebase as Meubelboek. Many other countries will follow.

iHELP Private Student Loan

Small private student loan company

We are a small private student loan company that provides money for students to attend college. We needed a framework that we could hook to legacy systems and be able to use our java code. Grails allowed us to rapidly deploy a new website for our latest look and feel.

Annmap Genome Browser

View genomic information in a Google Maps style interface

Annmap is an interactive Genome Browser displaying Genes, Transcripts, Exons, ESTs, Prediction Transcripts, Proteins and Domains alongside Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing data across 5 species. It uses standard GORM for it's main operational data, and then dynamically registers alternative datasources (per species and version) for the genomic information -- currently in excess of 1.4B rows spread over 30 separate MySQL databases.

Built with Grails 2.5.0