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Grails® 3.2 Milestone 1 Released

By Graeme Rocher

May 31, 2016

Tags: #release

Today, and just in time for GR8Conf EU in Copenhagen, we are pleased to announce the first milestone of Grails® 3.2, which includes the following new features.


Grails 3.2 milestone 1 ships with GORM 6.0 milestone 1, which includes a new implementation of GORM based on RxJava called RxGORM. With RxGORM you can build non-blocking, reactive applications using a familiar GORM API including features such as Where Queries, Dynamic Finders and Criteria Queries.

With the initial release, support for MongoDB is included, but more implementations are planned for SQL, REST client, and other implementations. See the RxGORM Documentation for more information.

Angular Scaffolding

Grails 3.2 features support for scaffolding of AngularJS 1.x applications (support for Angular 2 is also planned) when using the angular profile, allowing your team to quickly get up and running integrating Angular frontends with Grails 3 backends.

Improvements to JSON Views

JSON views, a feature introduced in Grails 3.1, have been drastically improved with support for template inheritance, global templates, extended HAL support and more.

See the documentation for the 1.1 milestone 2 version of the JSON views plugin for more information.

What's Still Coming?

Grails 3.2 is at the milestone phase and is not feature complete, still in the pipeline are the following new features:

  • Native GORM Multi Tenancy Support
  • RxGORM REST Client
  • GORM for Neo4j 3.0 / Bolt Driver Support
  • RxJava Controller Support
  • Further AngularJS and REST Refinements

For more information on the Milestone 1 release, check out the release notes.

We look forward your feedback, and if you are coming to GR8Conf EU, we look forward to talking to you more about the great new features coming in the Grails framework.

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