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Grails® 3.2 M2 and GORM 6.0 M2 Released

By Graeme Rocher

July 22, 2016

Tags: #release

Today the Grails team at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is pleased to announce the release of Grails® 3.2 Milestone 2, which includes GORM 6 Milestone 2 - the biggest GORM release ever!

The new version of GORM is really the theme of this release. There are so many great new features that we wrote a dedicated "What's New" guide just for GORM (to go along with the new dedicated GORM documentation).

Just to summarize the new features in GORM include:

Of course GORM 6.0 is usable in all versions of Grails 3.x.

On the Grails side, Grails 3.2 ships with release candidates of the new AngularJS 1.0 scaffolding (Angular 2.0 support is coming) and JSON Views 1.1 plugins as well as numerous improvements to the profiles.

Grails 3.2 has also been updated to the latest and greatest dependencies including Spring Boot 1.4 RC1 and Spring 4.3.

Check out the What's New in Grails 3.2 Guide for information on all the updates.

We're inching closer to an RC now so it is a great time to try your applications and report issues!

If you want to hear more come and see us at Gr8Conf US in Minneapolis USA, or G3 Summit in Fort Lauderdale USA!

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