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Webinar: Grails® 3 for Spring Developers

By Jeff Scott Brown & Josh Long

November 9, 2017

Tags: #webinar


Grails® 3 is a full stack framework built on top of Spring Boot. In addition to all of the capabilities offered by Boot, developers using Grails 3 benefit from the enormous productivity gains and other features (e.g., GORM, Profiles, etc.) that Grails 3 packs in!

In this webinar, Spring Developer Advocate, Josh Long (@starbuxman), and Grails framework co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown (@jeffscottbrown), introduce the Grails framework from the perspective of a Spring developer and demonstrate how these awesome technologies play so well together.

The session will be of interest to anyone looking to build robust JVM web applications with high productivity, while keeping the application code expressive and simple.

Grails developers will find many interesting tips and tricks during the demonstrations but no prior experience with the Grails framework is necessary.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Quick Intro to Spring & the Grails framework
  • REST
  • JSON views
  • Testing
  • Plugins
  • Security
  • Deployment
  • Customizing Spring Boot in a Grails app

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