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Eric Helgeson Named 2017 Grails® Rock Star

By Sergio Del Amo Caballero

November 30, 2017

The Grails® Rock Star Award recognizes a member of the Grails Community for his or her outstanding contributions to the success of the Framework.

Yesterday at G3 Summit 2017, Eric Helgeson was awarded the Grails Rock Star Award. Eric is the author of the book Practical Grails 3, and he is often seen in the Grails Slack Community answering and helping other users. Moreover, Eric contributes to the Grails Community with code, plugin development, issues reporting, etc.

Also, Graeme Rocher and Jeff Scott Brown, Grails framework co-founders, were awarded Grails lifetime contributor awards for their contributions in the past decade to the framework success.

Congratulations to Eric, Graeme, and Jeff for these well deserved awards.

Eric Helgeson, Graeme Rocher, and Jeff Scott Brown were honored at G3 Summit 2017 for their contributions to the Grails framework.

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