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Quickcast #12: Building Grails® Applications with Gradle

By Sergio del Amo Caballero

January 30, 2019

Tags: #quickcast

In this Grails® Quickcast, 2GM (Groovy, Grails framework, and Micronaut) team member, Sergio del Amo, explores Grails integration with the Gradle build tool.

In this 25-minute tutorial, Sergio:

  • Explains the Gradle wrapper-related files
  • Explains how it's possible to delegate IDE build/run actions from IntelliJ IDEA to Gradle
  • Introduces common Gradle tasks for Grails developers, such as bootRun, test, integrationTest, and check or assemble
  • Demonstrates how to work with system properties and get a more verbose output from your Gradle test executions

Grails Quickcasts, brought to you through a partnership between Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) and DZone, provide bite-sized tutorials to help you maximize your productivity with the Framework.

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