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Grails® 4 Milestone 1 Released

By Graeme Rocher

February 19, 2019

Tags: #release

The Grails® team at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is pleased to announce the availability of the first milestone of Grails 4.

Grails 4 represents a significant upgrade with the framework now rebased on top of an updated minimum set of dependencies including:

  • Spring 5.1
  • Spring Boot 2.1
  • Java 8
  • Hibernate 5.4
  • Groovy 2.5

In addition, Micronaut is now included as part of the Grails framework as the parent ApplicationContext, allowing any Micronaut feature, whether it be the declarative HTTP client or the Kafka client, to be used within a Grails 4 application.

Startup time and memory consumption have also been optimized and improved significantly over previous releases, thanks to changes in both Spring Boot 2.1 and also the migration of some of the Grails framework's internal infrastructure wiring to Micronaut.

Many Grails plugins have been verified as working with Grails 4, and for those within the Grails plugin community, now is the time to upgrade your plugins and verify the plugins continue to work with Grails 4. As this is a new major version, API changes have been made, as well as changes within Spring Boot, Groovy, and Hibernate that may require changes to work with Grails 4. Please read the upgrade documentation for more information.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the release, and we look forward to your feedback and to seeing you at Devnexus 2019.

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