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2GM Quarterly Town Hall Meetings

By Jen Wiese

October 1, 2020

Tags: #townhall

At Object Computing, home to the Grails® framework and Micronaut, our core values energize and guide us in all that we do. Those values are:

  • All of us is better than any one of us.
  • Innovate courageously.
  • Share it back.

As part of our commitment to empowering technologists – both within our organization and without – to find inspiration in these values, we invest our resources in open source projects. Through those projects, we have the opportunity to engage with the global open source community, including the Groovy, Grails framework, and Micronaut communities – communities that are supportive, enthusiastic, creative, and full of thought leaders.

2GM Town Hall Meetings provide the Groovy, Grails framework, and Micronaut communities a place to gather once per quarter to review the most up-to-date news and resources available, celebrate accomplishments, ask questions, and participate more fully in the 2GM ecosystems.

Each Town Hall Meeting is led by a panel of 2GM users, developers, and advocates. Everyone in the 2GM communities is welcome and encouraged to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you, learning from you, engaging with you, and empowering you to contribute to the community and the frameworks you love.

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