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Webinar: An Insider's Guide to Groovy 4

By Jen Wiese

September 17, 2021

Apache Groovy 4 is nearing release, and it's been improved in a number of areas for greater simplicity and efficiency.

Join Object Computing Groovy Practice Lead, Paul King, as he shares an overview of the exciting new features you'll find in Groovy 4, including JDK17 support, switch expressions, annotations on type parameters, enhanced ranges, and support for sealed classes, records, and language-integrated queries. He'll also introduce you to Groovy 4's additional bundle type checkers, macro methods, and design-by-contract support so you can specify preconditions, postconditions, and invariants.

This complimentary 60-minute webinar prepares Groovy users of all proficiency levels to take advantage of the new features Groovy 4 offers.


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