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Introducing Grails 6 - Embracing Modern Java, Java 11, and the Latest Spring and Spring Boot Updates

By Puneet Behl

July 25, 2023

The Grails Foundation™ is thrilled to unveil Grails 6, a major release that propels the Framework into an exciting new era of web development. This significant update brings a host of advancements, including embracing modern Java, upgrading to Java 11, a new Grails Forge, and incorporating the latest updates of Spring 5.3.28 and Spring Boot 2.7.12.

Embracing Modern Java and Java 11:

Grails 6 sets a new standard by updating its minimum Java version to Java 11. This empowers developers with the latest language features, performance improvements, and enhanced security offered by Java 11.

Why Java 11 for Now?

The decision to update to Java 11 in Grails 6 was driven by several factors, including Java 11's LTS status, stability, and widespread adoption in the Java ecosystem. Java 11 offers a stable and well-supported environment for Grails applications, aligning with the needs of enterprise users who prioritize a reliable and mature Java version.

The Path to Java 17:

While Grails 6 does not include Java 17 support in this release, we are committed to providing an easy upgrade path for those planning to move to Java 17 in the future. The Grails team is actively planning to include Java 17 support in the next major release, ensuring developers can confidently embrace the latest Java advancements when the time comes.

Latest Spring and Spring Boot Updates:

Grails 6 incorporates the latest updates of Spring 5.3.28 and Spring Boot 2.7.12, bringing a wealth of new features and optimizations. These updates offer performance enhancements, Kotlin Coroutines support, WebSocket improvements, enhanced Actuator endpoints, Micrometer metrics enhancements, Jakarta Persistence integration, and additional configuration properties. By leveraging the power of the latest Spring versions, Grails 6 empowers developers with a cutting-edge development experience.

Updates to Gradle 7.6:

Grails 6 now provides support for the latest Gradle version, 7.6.1, offering developers a more efficient and robust build automation tool. Gradle 7.6.1 brings with it various improvements, enhanced performance, and additional features, further streamlining the development process and ensuring compatibility with the latest libraries and dependencies.

Introducing the New Grails Forge:

Grails 6 not only embraces modern Java and the latest Spring and Spring Boot updates but also introduces the New Grails Forge UI, revolutionizing the web development experience for creating and managing Grails projects. With the New Grails Forge UI, developers can enjoy a modern and efficient user interface with simplified project creation, intuitive navigation, real-time feedback and validation, visual dependency management, enhanced plugin integration, project customization, built-in best practices, and responsive design. This intuitive UI streamlines the development process, making it easier for developers to set up new Grails projects and manage existing ones.

Enhanced Integration of the Micronaut framework with Grails:

The Grails framework has long provided integration with the Micronaut framework, fostering seamless collaboration between the two Frameworks. With Grails 6, we are proud to announce further improvements in this integration, enhancing the developer experience with each major release. Developers can now enjoy even better Micronaut integration, promoting code reuse and reducing redundancy between Grails and Micronaut components. For instance, developers can easily inject Micronaut beans into Grails services, controllers, and other components, gaining access to the Micronaut framework’s extensive ecosystem of features and functionalities.

Another example of the improved Micronaut integration is the ability to utilize the Framework’s declarative client, allowing Grails applications to consume RESTful APIs with minimal boilerplate code. This streamlined approach enhances development efficiency and promotes maintainable, efficient communication between microservices.

Community and Documentation Support:

The Grails community and documentation will play a pivotal role in assisting developers with the upgrade process. As Java 17 support becomes a reality in the next major release, the community will offer valuable insights, best practices, and support to ensure a seamless migration for Grails applications.

Why Update to Grails 6?

Upgrading to Grails 6 offers numerous benefits for developers and product managers alike:

  1. Enhanced Developer Productivity: Grails 6 introduces developer-centric improvements, reducing boilerplate code and simplifying tasks to boost productivity.

  2. Future-Proofed Applications: Grails 6 supports Java 11, ensuring long-term stability and security updates for your applications.

  3. Performance Gains: Leveraging the latest Spring and Spring Boot updates, Grails 6 delivers improved application performance and optimized resource utilization.

  4. Enhanced Integration Possibilities: Grails 6 offers improved Micronaut integration, allowing seamless collaboration between Grails and Micronaut components, expanding your application's capabilities.

  5. Up-to-Date Tooling: With compatibility with Gradle 7.6.1, Grails 6 ensures efficient build automation and compatibility with the latest libraries and dependencies.

  6. Active Community Involvement: Engaging with the vibrant Grails community fosters collaborative learning and development, benefiting all Grails users.

  7. Seamless Migration Path: Grails 6's commitment to providing an easy upgrade path to Java 17 ensures embracing the latest Java advancements without disruption.

Upgrade to Grails 6 today and seize the opportunity to elevate your applications and embark on a journey towards creating innovative and scalable web applications.

Join the Grails Community: A Collective Journey

At the heart of Grails lies its vibrant and passionate community of developers, whose contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the framework's evolution. Community contributions not only enhance the feature set of Grails but also address bugs, provide valuable feedback, and share best practices. The active involvement of the community fosters a collaborative environment where ideas are shared, discussed, and refined, ultimately benefiting all Grails users. With Grails 6, we encourage developers to actively engage with the community, contribute to the project, and together, we can push the boundaries of web development, making Grails an even more powerful and versatile framework.

In conclusion, Grails 6 represents a significant advancement in web development, providing developers with a powerful platform to build exceptional applications. Embrace Grails 6 and its advancements in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, and Micronaut integration to unlock the full potential of modern web development and embark on an exciting journey towards creating innovative and scalable applications.

To download and get started with Grails 6, visit the official Grails documentation:

Happy Coding with Grails 6!

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