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Introducing the New Grails Plugin Portal - A Static Marvel!

By Puneet Behl

September 11, 2023

Hey there, Grails enthusiasts! Are you ready for some exciting news? We're thrilled to introduce the revamped Grails Plugin Portal, and let us tell you, it's a game-changer! This dynamic portal is now completely static and hosted on GitHub, offering you a seamless and efficient experience in exploring Grails plugins.

Grails Plugin Portal!

A Glimpse of the Future: Grails Plugin Portal Redesigned

Our dedicated team has been hard at work, and we're excited to unveil the Grails Plugin Portal 2.0, now hosted at What's our aim? To make your Grails plugin journey smoother and more accessible than ever before!

Key Features of the New Grails Plugin Portal

Quick and Easy Search Functionality

We get it, time is precious when you're deep into Grails projects. That's why our new portal boasts a lightning-fast search feature. Type in your keywords, hit enter, and voilĂ ! Your desired plugins are right there at your fingertips.

Paginated List of All Plugins

With the Grails ecosystem booming, there's no shortage of plugins to explore. To help you navigate this sea of possibilities, we've introduced a paginated list of all available plugins. Explore them at your pace, knowing that detailed plugin info is just a click away.

Top-Rated Plugins

Wondering which plugins are the cream of the crop? Wonder no more! Our top-rated plugins section showcases gems that have been tried, tested, and adored by fellow Grails developers. It's your shortcut to finding the best tools for your projects.

Latest Release Plugins

Stay ahead in the world of Grails development with our "Latest Release" section. We keep it up to date to showcase the newest additions to the Grails plugin ecosystem. Be the first to try out fresh features and improvements as they roll in.

Tag Clouds for Owners and Tags

To make your plugin search even more intuitive, we've introduced tag clouds for both plugin owners and tags. Click on a tag to find all relevant plugins or explore the work of your favorite authors. These tag clouds are your secret weapon for effortless plugin discovery!

Limitations of the Previous Plugin Portal

Before we dive further into the awesomeness of the new portal, let's address the shortcomings of the previous version. It had some issues that weren't exactly developer-friendly:

  1. Frequent Downtime: The old portal was notorious for going offline quite often, causing disruptions and frustration for developers.

  2. High Resource Utilization: It was a resource-hungry beast, slowing down performance due to its dynamic architecture.

  3. Slow Performance: Slow loading times and delays were common complaints. The dynamic setup struggled with the increasing plugin data, resulting in sluggishness.

All Plugins in One Place

Did you know that all the plugins on the Grails Plugin Portal are sourced from We've streamlined the process to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date plugins directly from the source.

How to Include or Update Your Grails Plugin

Excited to get your Grails plugin into the spotlight on our portal? Here's how you can include or update your Grails plugin:

  1. Fork the Repository: Start by forking the Grails Plugin Metadata Repository.

  2. Edit the JSON File: Navigate to the grails-plugins.json file in your forked repository. This file contains the plugin metadata.

  3. Add Your Plugin: To include your plugin, simply add its metadata to the JSON file. Make sure to follow the established format.

  4. Submit a Pull Request: Once you've added or updated your plugin details, submit a pull request to the original Grails Plugin Metadata Repository. Our team will review it and, upon approval, your plugin will be part of the portal!

Get Involved and Contribute

But here's the exciting part: the Grails Plugin Portal is not just a resource; it's a community effort! We're eager to hear your thoughts and welcome your contributions. Have a Grails plugin you'd like to share, or ideas for portal enhancements? Join us on GitHub, and together, we'll make Grails development a breeze!

Embrace the Future of Grails Plugin Discovery

The new Grails Plugin Portal is your gateway to a brighter future in Grails development. With its static structure, lightning-fast search, and curated lists of top-rated and latest release plugins, it's your one-stop-shop for all things Grails. Come on in, explore, discover, and become an active part of the Grails community. Let's build amazing Grails applications together with this reimagined portal!

Ready to get started? Visit the Grails Plugin Portal today!

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