Grails Community Get Involved!

Grails has a growing following and if you want to get involved the developers are all nice people (promise!) who are keen to have ideas, code and just about anything contributed. There are a number of ways to get involved with the Grails community.

Keep up to date



You can also contribute back to the project, for example by raising issues, improving the user guide or providing code patches. Any contributions are very welcome!


  • Read Testimonials from Grails users who have experienced Grails first hand!
  • Come and chat to us on IRC at where most Grails developers can be found in the #groovy room
  • Come and chat to other Grails users on IRC at in #grails
  • Write a Blog post about Grails, or even a Tutorial! Just talking about your experiences with Grails can either help others get involved or provide constructive feedback to the Grails team.
  • Look at other OpenSource Projects based on Grails or opensource your own project
  • Follow what is happening with Grails now and in the future with the Grails Issue Tracker and on the Roadmap. Or even better check out the latest commits!
  • Contribute your own Custom Tags that could eventually be included in Grails core!
  • Post some ideas for new Grails features in the development Sandbox. This is the area where we play around with ideas before they are promoted into JIRA issues.
  • Add one of the Grails buttons on the left to your site or blog to help spread the word about Grails
  • Contribute yourself by becoming part of the Grails Team!
  • Are you web development company that uses Grails in your projects? Lets promote yourself on the Grails Development Firms page
  • Keep your skills up to date with GrailsMag
  • Attend a SpringSource training course to get up to speed with Grails quickly!

Attend a Conference

There are Groovy & Grails related conferences popping up all the time, below is a list of known event. Checkout the Lanyard list of upcoming events or add your conference to the Conferences page