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The Grails® Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that exists to support and collectively lead the open source Grails® project.

The Grails Foundation Serves To:

  • Ensure technical innovation and advancement of Grails as a free and open public use software development framework for a growing global community
  • Evangelize and promote The Grails Framework as a leading technology in the JVM space
  • Build and support an ecosystem of complementary documentation, functionality, and services

Contributing Members

The bylaws of The Grails Foundation provide that Object Computing will maintain, in perpetuity, a majority interest in the Foundation to serve as a steward of The Grails Framework and its global open source community. Object Computing has committed an initial contribution of $200,000.00 to fund open source product development and evangelism for Grails.

“For over a decade, Grails has been a leader among JVM web application frameworks. The innovations in Grails and the longevity of its success have been possible only because of the vibrant and active community around the technology over the years. The Grails Foundation is being launched in part to acknowledge the role that the community has played all along, and to create a forum to continue growing the enthusiasm of the community. A core tenet of The Object Computing Team has always been All Of Us Are Better Than Any One Of Us, and The Grails Foundation will facilitate the continued embracing of the value in that truth.” , said Jeff Scott Brown, Grails co-founder and Object Computing Grails Practice Lead.

The Foundation relies on the financial support of our Contributing Members. If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Member, please contact us at [email protected].

The Grails Foundation Technology Advisory Board

The Grails Foundation is supported by a Technology Advisory Board that ensures the Framework continues to reflect and serve its diverse and growing user community. The Board will meet quarterly to discuss and make recommendations regarding Grails’ roadmap and technical direction.

For more information and for organizations interested in nominating a representative to The Grails Foundation Technology Advisory Board, please contact [email protected].


The Foundation's Board Of Directors may be reached at [email protected].

Technology Advisory Board

Jeff Scott Brown The Grails Foundation, co-founder and Director; Grails co-founder; Grails Practice Lead at Object Computing
Graeme RocherGrails co-founder; Architect at Oracle
Puneet Behl Grails Product Development Lead at Object Computing
David EstesCo-founder and VP of Engineering at Morpheus Data; Creator of the Grails Asset-Pipeline
James KleehMicronaut Product Development Lead at Object Computing