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Technology Advisory Board Meeting, December 17, 2021

Meeting Attendance:

  • Puneet Behl - Grails Product Development Lead, Object Computing, Inc.
  • Paul King – Groovy Project Development Lead, Object Computing, Inc.
  • James Kleeh - Micronaut Product Development Lead, Object Computing, Inc.
  • Graeme Rocher - Grails co-founder; Architect, Oracle
  • Jason Schindler – Partner and Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Team Manager, Object Computing Inc.
  • Jen Wiese - Grails Foundation Community Engagement Manager, Object Computing, Inc.

Not in Attendance:

  • David Estes - Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Morpheus Data; Creator of the Grails Asset-Pipeline

The Meeting Was Led By: Jen Wiese


  • Welcome and Introduction of New Members
  • Foundation Goals
  • Technology Advisory Board Goals
  • Review Communication
  • Fondation Community Updates
  • Tech Talk: Grails Update
  • Sponsorships
  • Open Discussion

Welcome and Introduction of New Members

  • New TAB Members: Jason Schindler and Paul King
  • Covered internal communication channels
  • Feel free to send in topics to discuss prior to meeting; all input and ideas are welcome
  • We want to capitalize on the group of folks we have here, so please reach out

Foundation Goals

  • Ensure technical innovation and advancement of the Grails framework as a free and open public use software development framework for a growing global community
  • Evangelize and promote the Grails framework as a leading technology in the JVM space
  • Build and support an ecosystem of complementary documentation, functionality, and services

Technology Advisory Board Goals

  • Provide input to help guide the direction of the Framework
  • Represent perspectives from various areas of the industry
  • Ensure the Framework continues to reflect and serve its diverse and growing user community
  • Your insights are a significant part of why the foundation exists!

Foundation Community Updates

  • Excited about recent investment in the Foundation with the Developer Advocate role that Sergio is filling
  • Representing developer interests while engaging with our communities to advocate for the Grails framework
  • Should be seeing a dedicated Grails YouTube Channel for all of the on-demand content for the community coming soon
  • Ramping back up our Quickcasts, which are short technical tutorials (which will be available on demand), starting out with a series of introductory content
  • Expecting to see more technical content published in blog posts and guides to help support our user community
  • Continue with live public webinars and private tech talks for clients
  • Continue with live, public and private training events
  • Receive requests for these events regularly
  • Just completed a 12-hour (4 morning) public, online training event with 30 participants!
  • The Foundation will be delivering events moving forward: training workshops, webinars, publications, and other online community events

Technical Discussion

  • Planning for Grails 6
    • Minimum JDK support - minimum version at least 11? 17?
      • Move from 8
    • Early Grails 6 release? Support for JDK11
      • Groovy 4 - ready early 2022
      • More Micronaut integration
    • Spring release Q4 2022
    • Possible Grails 7 that would support JDK17 when released
    • Support timeline for Grails 5 after release of Grails 6
  • Grails and Microanut Integration
    • Improved configuration integration between Grails and Micronaut
    • Investigate the use of Micronaut server runtimes
    • Grails servlet APIs
      • Servlet filters
      • Tracing
      • Metrics
      • Swagger
    • Investigate use of GSP outside of Grails

Grails Framework Updates

  • Grails 5.0.0 (4 Oct)
  • Grails 5.0.1 (4 Nov)
  • Grails 4.0.13 (23 Nov)
  • Grails 5.0.2(26 Nov)
  • Grails 5.0.3 (14 Dec)
  • Grails 5.1.0 (Today/Tomorrow)
  • Grails Database Migration 4.0.0-RC3
  • Spring Security Core Plugin (Next)
  • Leveling-up Grails CLI (Next)
  • Consolidating Grails Plugin from different Github repos

Tech Talk

  • Minimum JDK support for Grails 6
  • Grails + Micronaut future

Foundation Sponsors

  • As a not-for-profit organization, the Grails Foundation relies on the financial support from our amazing community of generous sponsors.
  • Review current sponsors
  • Please let us know if there is anyone that would like to learn more about the Grails Foundation and how they can support the Framework and become a corporate sponsor.

Open Discussion

  • Meeting notes will be published
  • Thank you to everyone who attended. Your participation and time is very much appreciated