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Technology Advisory Board Meeting, November 28, 2022

Meeting Attendance:

  • Puneet Behl - Grails Product Development Lead at Object Computing
  • Søren Glasius - Architect and Technical Manager at Gennemtænkt IT
  • Jason Schindler - Object Computing Inc., Partner and Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Team Manager
  • Paul King - Groovy Project Development Lead at Object Computing, Inc.
  • Ken Kousen – President at Kousen IT, Inc.
  • Jen Wiese - Grails Foundation Community Engagement Manager
  • Tabitha Willan - Lead Application Engineer at Omaha Public Power District

Not in Attendance:

  • David Estes – Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Morpheus Data; Creator of the Grails Asset-Pipeline
  • James Kleeh – Software Development Engineer at Amazon
  • Graeme Rocher - Grails co-founder; Architect at Oracle

The Meeting Was Led By: Jen Wiese


  • Welcome
  • Community Engagement Update
  • Sponsorship Update
  • Grails Technical Update
  • Open Discussion
  • Close Meeting

Foundation Updates

  • Sponsorship program updates coming soon for Community and Corporate sponsors
  • Tools and Infrastructure Partners
    • Gradle
    • JetBrains
  • Corporate Sponsorships
    • OCI
    • Anonymous Donor Organization
  • New Support Options
    • Ad-Hoc Support
    • Subscription-based Support
    • Premium Product Support
  • Attended ApacheCon Conference in New Orleans
    • Paul and Søren track co-chairs
    • Puneet, Zak, Paul and Ken attended
    • Sold out event
    • Track dedicated to Groovy
    • Groovy, Grails, Micronaut, and Gradle
    • Talks given on Grails were well attended

Grails Framework Updates

  • Recent Releases:
    • Grails 5.2.1, 5.1.9, 4.1.1, 3.3.15 ( Patches some security implications relates to Data Binding)
    • 5.1.10, 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 4.1.2, 3.3.16 (Data-binding and static properties, Improvements in the findMainClass Task Grails Gradle Plugin)
    • 5.2.4, 5.2.5 (Improvements and Dependency Upgrades)
    • 5.3.0 Upcoming Next Week
    • 6.0.0.M1 Early January
    • Logback.groovy support added by Grails community member

Open Discussion

  • Søren: Which version of Spring Boot will Grails 6 support?
    • Puneet: The latest version that still supports JDK11
  • Grails 4 EOS
    • Jason: With Grails 6 M1 being delayed until January, I would prefer to extend maintenance support for Grails 4 through March
    • Søren: I don’t think it makes sense to support 3 versions at one time
  • Updates to Grails Plugins
    • Søren: I’ve been updating some plugins in GPC to Grails 5
  • CVE Updates
    • Jason: We have had two critical CVEs in the past year and I wanted to check in with the group on our communication around those. Is everyone here aware of the CVEs?
    • Ken: I didn’t see it but I may have missed it
    • Jen: We did a blog post for each one along with updates to Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter posts also publish in Grails Slack channel
    • Puneet: Sent a link to the tweet for the most recent CVE
    • Jason: In addition to seeing the updates. We’ve also not been publishing technical details of the vulnerabilities right away in order to give folks time to patch their applications. How do you all feel about that approach?
    • Ken: It sounds like you are doing the right things and I may have just missed it
    • Paul: Most people don’t publish technical details right away and many times the CVE will eventually be updated to include technical details. Also, many people review the CVE database itself to be notified of vulnerabilities against their dependencies and so for some folks that will be the way they find out.
  • Twitter Alternatives for Public Communication
    • Ken: Has there been any consideration of creating a Mastadon account for Grails?
    • Paul: I’ve created a Mastadon account for Groovy but haven’t started using it yet
    • Jen: It would be nice if we could have it where when we post one somewhere it would go to both so we don’t have so many to maintain
    • Jason: I think it would be good to investigate. I think Mastadon is where a number of tech people are ending up and it would be good to be there if we think it will be viable long term
    • Paul: There are some tools that will send messages to multiple platforms
    • Jen: We will evaluate if this is something that we want to pursue

Close Meeting

  • Meeting notes will be published
  • Thank you to everyone who attended. Your participation and time is very much appreciated