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Akka Integration

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compile "org.grails.plugins:akka:"

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Akka actors integration from Groovy and Java, in a Servlet 3.x environment


Install in the usual way, using the Grails-2.0.x new way by adding the following block in BuildConfig.groovy under the plugins section (at the end of the file):

compile " :akka:<plugin-version>"

After this, remember in BuildConfig.groovy to set the Servlet version:

grails.servlet.version = "3.0"


This is a Grails Plugin that enable the usage of Akka actors (both local and remote) in Grails Web projects.

Plugin Documentation and other info, please look at live documents here: grails-akka docs

Plugin Sources are here: grails-akka sources under src/test/ you can find some minimal unit/integration tests, as a starting point.

Akka Home page is here: akka

Under Documentation, use its Java API.

Akka, Scala, Typesafe, are trademarks of related companies.