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Grails Plugin for Apache Pivot

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compile "org.grails.plugins:apache-pivot-grails:1.0.6"

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Grails Plugin for Apache Pivot


compile ":apache-pivot-grails:<plugin-version>"

Note that in some cases (depending on needs) could be enough to use runtime.


This Plugin contains "standard" Apache Pivot jars (not Pivot dependencies) so they can be used at Server side in the Grails webapp.

But to simplify some things even at Client Side, the plugin provides some Servlets (which if needed have to be enabled by hand in web.xml, so in this case you have to do a "grails install-templates" before enabling them), for example to forward to client side even Pivot jars used at server side. Note that all Servlets here have been designed with Security in mind, so they (if/when enabled) have good and safe defaults. For all Configuration options of those Servlets please look at sample web.xml and related documentation in its project.

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