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Confluence Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:confluence:0.2"




grails install-plugin confluence


The Confluence Plugin provides a GSP tag that works looks like this:

<cnf:page space="PUB" page="Confluence Plugin (Grails)">
a default text

This tag, provided by the plugin, uses the XML-RPC interface of a Confluence installation you have access to. It gets the rendered HTML content from there and puts it into your view. All you have to take care of is, provide the credentials in your Config.groovy.

de.kabtain.confluence.url = 'http://my.confluence'
de.kabtain.confluence.login = 'user'
de.kabtain.confluence.password = 'password'

For frequently used applications it's inappropriate to make an XML-RPC call each time the page is viewed. So the Confluence Plugin depends on the Springcache plugin 1.1.2 to cache the static content. To use caching only a few configurations are necessary, again in your Config.groovy:

springcache {
	cachingModels {
		confluenceCachePlain {
        confluenceCacheHtml {

} }

For more detailed configuration questions, just visit the Springcache plugin page.