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Grails err-buddy Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:errbuddy:1.4.2"

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Summary grails plugin.


compile ':errbuddy:1.3.1'



Get an account on

Add the plugin to you BuildConfig.groovy as described above.

After adding your errbuddy key to Config.groovy the plugin automaticly sends exceptions and error logs to errbuddy's API.

If you want to use deployment tracking just add

to the init method of your BootStrap.groovy. e.g.
if (!Environment.isDevelopmentMode()){
            } catch (Exception ignore) {
                // we ignore that as we do not want to let the startup fail if something goes wronf posting the deployment


grails {
    plugin {
        errbuddy {
            enabled = true // whether the plugin is enabled and the LogAppender is registered with the root logger
            apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY' // Your api key from
            exceptionsOnly = false // whether to send more then just exceptions
            threshold = "ERROR" // if exceptionsOnly is false, this is the threshold 
            params {
                exclude = ['password', 'SPRING_SECURITY_CONTEXT', 'currentApplication', 'applications'] // which parameters to be excluded from sending
            hostname {
                resolve = false // whether or not to automaticly lookup the servers hostname on startup
                name = '' // if resolve is false use this
                prefix = 'app1'       // optional if resolve is true, append this before the resolved hostname