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Silk icons from

  • Tags: ui, icons
  • Latest: 1.0.1
  • Last Updated: 26 July 2010
  • Grails version: 1.0 > *
  • Authors: Burt Beckwith
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compile "org.grails.plugins:famfamfam:1.0.1"




grails install-plugin famfamfam


1000 free icons from - see for details.

There isn't much functionality in the plugin, it's mostly here to avoid having multiple copies of the images from various plugins that use them.

You can reference them directly in <img> tags:

<img src='${resource(dir: 'images/icons', file: 'world.png', plugin: 'famfamfam')}'/>

but a more common use is as a CSS background image:

.icon_error {
   background-image: url('${resource(dir: 'images/icons', file: 'world.png', plugin: 'famfamfam')}');

Both of these can be simplified with the <fam:icon> custom tag:

<img src='${fam.icon(name: 'world')}'/>


.icon_error {
   background-image: url('${fam.icon(name: 'world')}');

Note that you don't specify the png extension when using the tag - all of the icons are PNGs so it's unnecessary.