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Glickr Plugin

  • Tags: flickr, api, image
  • Latest: 0.1
  • Last Updated: 11 October 2012
  • Grails version: 2.0 > *
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compile "org.grails.plugins:glickr:0.1"

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This plugin aims to provide a feature complete implementation of the Flickr API by providing a Grails service and native Groovy classes that wrap the API. So rather than having to deal with individual and Flickr specific API methods, the Glickr Plugin wraps API calls in native classes and provides typical Grails methods like .getByUsername(..) or .findAll()


Installation is pretty straight-forward, since the plugin currently has no further dependencies, you start the command prompt and type:

grails install-plugin glickr


To work with the Flickr API, you need an API Key that can be requested at Flickr website. Just put the information provided by Flickr in the following entries in your Grails configuration file (e.g. Config.groovy):
  • grails.plugins.glickr.apiKey = 'YOUR_FLICKR_API_KEY'
  • grails.plugins.glickr.apiSecret = 'YOUR_FLICKR_API_SECRET'
After succesfully installing the Glickr Plugin in your Grails project, you'll have a flickrService available to interact with the Flickr API

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