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Grails Emoji Plugin

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  • Latest: 0.2
  • Last Updated: 01 May 2015
  • Grails version: 2.0 > *
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runtime "org.grails.plugins:grails-emoji:0.2"

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Shows smileys (emotions) from the Emoji collections as images.


This plugin allows you to replace emoji code to proper image. For example, we have text like this:

Hey, cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

and the plugin will replace the emoji with the image, like that:

For full list of all the Emoji emotions please refer to the Emoji cheat sheet

How to use it?

Once plugin is installed, you will be able to use new tag emoji:toHtml in your GSP. Let,s say, this code:

<emoji:toHtml size="22">
     Hey, cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

will be rendered to this HTML output:

Hey, cool stuff 
<img src="/projectName/static/images/stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes.png"
   alt="Stuck Out Tongue Closed Eyes" class="emoji-image" width='22' height='22' />

The Emoji image files are provided with the plugin, thus no need to download them manually.