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Handlebars Asset-Pipeline Plugin

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provided "org.grails.plugins:handlebars-asset-pipeline:2.13.1"

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Provides Handlebars precompiler support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.


The Grails `handlebars-asset-pipeline` is a plugin that provides handlebars template precompiler support to asset-pipeline.

For more information on how to use asset-pipeline, visit


Simply create files in your standard `assets/javascripts` folder with extension `.handlebars` or 'hbs'.

By default the templateRoot for your template names is specified as blank. This means that any handlebars file within the root assets/javascripts folder will utilize its file name (without the extension) as its template name. Or a file in `templates/show.handlebars` would be named `templates/show`. If templates is set as the templateRoot than it would be named `show`

It is also possible to change the template path seperator for templatenames to be used by handlebars:

grails {
	assets {
		handlebars {
			templateRoot = 'templates'
			templatePathSeperator = "/"

Using in the Browser

Template functions are stored in the `Handlebars.templates` object using the template name. If the template name is `person/show`, then the template function can be accessed from:

See the Template Names section for how template names are calculated.

See the Handlebars.js website for more information on using Handlebars template functions.