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compile "org.grails.plugins:nimble:0.7"
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Nimble is an extensive application base environment for Grails.



Documentation :

Why Nimble

Works out of the box, Easy to get started and running (less then an hour), Easy to extend and customize. Based on solid foundation of Apache shiro

What's In

Nimble makes it easy to secure any grails application and implement authentication and authorization. Nimble provides beautiful and ready to use twitter bootstrap based backend for managing Administrators, Users, Roles, Groups, Permissions, and UI for login, registration, password reset etc.


  1. Ready to use Login, Registration, and forgot password screens
  2. Out of the box support for authentication and authorization
  3. UI for managing Administrators
  4. UI for managing users
  5. UI for managing roles
  6. UI for managing user groups
  7. UI for assigning roles and permissions to users and groups
  8. Authentication and authorization custom tags
  9. Easy to integrate and extend
And much more..

Nimble - Kickstart Grails Development

Get started!

Getting started is easy, simply head over to the Nimble documentation at where you'll find install guides, developer details and much more.

_Old docs can be found at

Nimble Components

Flexible authentication

By utilizing the flexible authentication options provided by the Apache Shiro project we've built in support for authentication for local accounts. In the future with some small additional plugins we will support Oauth authentication.

Fine grained access control

By combining the three core access control concepts of users, groups and roles with the permissions engine exposed by Apache Shiro your application can achieve fine grained access control across controllers, views, services, GSPs and native Java logic.

Permissions can be applied to users, roles and groups. Users can be members of an unlimited number of groups. Both users and groups are able to be assigned roles. Enabling permissions to cascade through this structure is where Nimble gains its real access control flexibility. This process is also dynamic. If you remove or apply a permission that ultimately applies to a currently active Nimble based user session that user obtains or loses access without needing to terminate their session.

Lots, LOTS more on offer

We've barely scratched the surface in this overview of what Nimble can provide to your project. We encourage you to try it out for yourself. At the moment we're still in early stages so we're working away on more tests, more documentation and example applications. Everything is fully usable now however and is already the basis of several large commercial projects currently underway.

For any kind of support, contact me at, sudhir at - I am also available to hire or contracts