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VK for Spring Security OAuth plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:spring-security-oauth-vkontakte:0.2"

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Add the following to your grails-app/conf/BuildConfig
plugins {
	compile ':spring-security-oauth-vkontakte:0.1.1'


Add to your Config:
oauth {
  providers {
    vkontakte {
      api = org.scribe.builder.api.VkontakteApi
      key = 'oauth_vkontakte_key'
      secret = 'oauth_vkontakte_secret'
      successUri = '/oauth/vkontakte/success'
      failureUri = '/oauth/vkontakte/error'
      callback = "${baseURL}/oauth/vkontakte/callback"

In your view you can use the taglib exposed from this plugin and from OAuth plugin to create links and to know if the user is authenticated with a given provider:

<oauth:connect provider="vkontakte" id="vkontakte-connect-link">VK</oauth:connect>

Logged with vkontakte? <s2o:ifLoggedInWith provider="vkontakte">yes</s2o:ifLoggedInWith> <s2o:ifNotLoggedInWith provider="vkontakte">no</s2o:ifNotLoggedInWith>