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Spring Security Userstore Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:spring-security-userstore:0.3.3"

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Integrate Spring Security (Core) w/o provisioning a DB or using 3rd party OAUTH providers like google, facebook, etc. You should own your users, right?!


plugins {
    compile ':spring-security-core:2.0-RC4'
    compile ':spring-security-userstore:[VERSION]'

See Spring Security UserStore Plugin ReadMe


UserStore provides "auth as a service"; follow the instructions on Spring Security UserStore Plugin ReadMe, and you'll have "auth" (sign-up, sign-in, forget-password, verify email, reset-password, etc.) working in 5-10 mins.

Let UserStore
  • defend against brute force logins, etc.
  • make a nice dashboard to manage users, view user activity, etc
  • do the heavy lifting of storing/securing user data