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Spud Media Plugin

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  • Latest: 0.6.6
  • Last Updated: 10 December 2014
  • Grails version: 2.3 > *
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compile "org.grails.plugins:spud-media:0.6.6"

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Provides Media management for Spud


repositories {
	mavenRepo ''
plugins {
  compile ':spud-media:0.6.1'


The spud-media grails plugin adds support for media file management to your spud content management site. Using selfie and karman, spud can support uploading to both your local filesystem as well as s3 and more to come as karman expands.


  • Configurable Storage
  • Add-on for Wysiwyg tiny-mce
  • Protected File Support (Coming Soon)
  • On the fly cropping (Coming Soon)
  • MultiSite compatible


This plugin supports several configuration options for setting up your media storage.

The default storage settings place your files in the current directories `storage` folder. This can be configured via the grails selfie plugin.

The default values should get you started, but as you can see it's definitely customizable for your needs.

Using an Alternative DataSource

Spud supports running on a different datasource than your primary. This can be done by adding the following config example:

spud {
	core {
		//By default this uses the DEFAULT datasource
		datasource = 'spud' //Set datasource name here


Simply point your browser to the spud admin dashboard (i.e. http://localhost:8080/myapp/spud/admin), and you should see a Media module on your dashboard (depending on which is enabled via config).

Additional Resources

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