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Step2 Plugin

  • Tags: security
  • Latest: 0.1
  • Last Updated: 28 February 2009
  • Grails version: 1.1-RC2 > *
  • Authors: Mingfai Ma
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compile "org.grails.plugins:step2:0.1"




Google Step2

About this plugin

  • Remarks: Due to an unknown technical reason, this plugin cannot be released for installation with "grails install-plugin" command. Check the Grails JIRA issue GRAILS-3978 for details. You'll need to checkout the source project from svn.
  • This plugin currently serves as a demonstration of how the Google Step2 project could be started by Grails. This plugin setup all Step2 servlets and provides full OpenID and OAuth functions provided by Step2. e.g. you could use the login form to login Google's public OpenID endpoint and retrieve the user's email address via the AX attribute.


  • Remarks: This plugin must be run as "grails run-war" or generate as a WAR to deploy to an app server. For another unknown technical reason, it cannot be started with "grails run-app"
  • Remarks: This plugin depends on the Google Data Plugin
  • checkout the source project from svn
    svn co step2
  • run the project as a war
    grails run-war
  • access the logon page
    http://localhost:8080/step2/login or


Facebook-Connect-style pop-up login - Google

  1. Step1
  2. Step2
  3. Step3
  4. Step4

Normal same page login - Yahoo!

  1. Step1
  2. Step2
  3. Step3
  4. Step4



  • any help to further improve this project is welcome. Please contact the arthor or discuss in the grails-user mail list.
author: Mingfai Ma