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Stitches Plugin

  • Authors: Phillip Rhodes
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compile "org.grails.plugins:stitches:0.2"




Stitches is a content repository that allows content to be defined, stored, deleted, versioned, searched and a variety of other operations.
  • Create and manage your content
  • Add / update /modify your content repository using a local or remote API
  • Search your content by keyword, tags, and folder
  • Ability to organize content into folders
  • Ability to query content filtered by folder
  • Geo-searching- able to query content that is tagged with longitude/latitude coordinates
  • Any content can be configured to have images, pdf's and longitude/latitude values, etc.
  • Automatic image thumbnail generation
  • Automatic synchronization with amazon-s3 of your content
  • Text extraction of PDF content
  • 52 and counting unit tests
  • Leverages Compass, hence ability to configure your index to be part of the "cloud"