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Translate - Language Translation for Grails

  • Authors: Jonathan Griggs
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compile "org.grails.plugins:translate:1.3.0"
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Translates text from one language to another, using the Microsoft Translator API


grails install-plugin translate


Prior to version 1.1, this plugin was powered by the Google Translate API. As of 1.1, Microsoft Translator is the translation engine that powers this plugin. Google has announced that their Translation API is deprecated and all services will cease on 12/1/2011. If you are using a version of Grails Translate < 1.1, I strongly urge you to upgrade. The Microsoft Translator API is free to use and comes with generous hourly and daily limits.

Translate - Language Translation Plugin for Grails


The Translate plugin provides a Grails Service, TagLib, and Controller to enable translation of text within your Grails application.

This plugin is powered by the Microsoft Translator API with the help of microsoft-translator-java-api, a compact, fast Java library that wraps the Microsoft Translator AJAX Services.

The TranslateService is backed by a configurable Least-Recently-Used (LRU) Cache to reduce the API calls made, particularly for oft-repeated translations (if you're dynamically translating I18N messages to foreign languages, for instance).



Enter your application directory and run the following from the command line:

grails install-plugin translate

After you have installed the Translate plugin in your application, I'd recommend you point your browser to the Plugin test page to verify all is working and familiarize yourself with the functionality it provides:



The official documentation for the Translate plugin may be found at

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The source code is available on GitHub at

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