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Provides license management to Grails application.

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compile "org.grails.plugins:true-license-plugin:1.2"

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Utilizes TrueLicense Library Collection(TLC) to securely create, install and verify license for closed source products.


Add the following to your `grails-app/conf/BuildConfig`
plugins {
    compile ':true-license-plugin:1.1'


  • Generate license file:
grails generate-license
  • Start app:
grails run-app


  • /license-config/ - private key file. This never gets included in your WAR. (You should generate your own private/public keys with keytool command. see tips section below)
  • /license-config/ - holds all necessary configuration to create a license such as issuer, holder, validity etc. Again not included in WAR
  • /conf/ - public key file. This is included in WAR
  • /conf/LicensePublicConfig.groovy - holds all necessary information required for the client. Included in WAR
  • /conf/LicenseFilter - defines which controllers, actions need to be protected.
  • /plugins/true-license-plugin-1.1/controller/LicenseController - Install, verify license
  • /plugins/true-license-plugin-1.1/services/LicenseService - Install, verify license


  • To generate private key:
keytool -genkey -alias privatekey -keystore
  • To generate public key
keytool -export -alias privatekey -file certfile.cer -keystore

keytool -import -alias publiccert -file certfile.cer -keystore

  • The system preferences are stored in the registry in windows and file system (/etc/.java/) in Linux. You may need appropriate permissions to be able to do this.