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The RAP Widget Toolkit (RWT) for Grails

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This plugin integrates RWT - the web-ported Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) - into your Grails application. It enables you to build your RWT and JFace powered user interfaces using Groovy and the complete Grails framework stack with all its powerful features and syntactic DSL sugar. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":rwt:1.0.1"

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  • Tags: mockup
  • Latest: 1.0.0
  • Last Updated: 01 June 2012
  • Grails version: *
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Dependency :
compile ":sample-data:1.0.0"

Grails Markup Sanitizer Plugin

  • Tags: codec, tinymce
  • Latest: 0.8.0
  • Last Updated: 18 January 2013
  • Grails version: 1.3.1 > *
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Plugin for Sanitizing Markup(HTML, XHTML, CSS) using OWASP AntiSamy. Filters malicious content from User generated content (such as that entered through Rich Text boxes).

Features -
  • Ruleset in web-app/WEB-INF/antisamy-policy.xml
  • Constraint "markup"
  • can be added to domain/command classes to validate that a string is valid and safe markup
  • important note: The constraint is for validation only, it does not sanitize the string
  • Encoding-only Codec "myText.encodeAsSanitizedMarkup()"
  • use the code...
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Dependency :
compile ":sanitizer:0.8.0"