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  • ajaxdependancyselection

    Grails ajaxdependancyselection plugin

    1.3 published Jun 28, 2016 by vahid
  • boselecta

    Websocket autocomplete/ multi dependency selection plugin for grails 3

    3.0.4 published Apr 13, 2016 by vahid
  • daysofweek

    Grails Days Of week plugin using ICU4J libraries to work out international calendar week days

    0.2 published May 17, 2019 by vahid
  • jenjir

    Grails Jenjir plugin

    3.0.2 published Apr 13, 2016 by vahid
  • jssh

    Grails j2ssh plugin

    3.0.2 published Apr 13, 2016 by vahid
  • kml

    Grails Global postal code to address resolving Plugin KML Map Boundary utilities loader editor. Postcodes restricted to customised boundaries

    0.7 published Dec 10, 2019 by vahid
  • mailinglist

    mailinglist is a Grails plugin which makes use of quartz to dynamically schedule either group or specific email address contact. You create html email templates with images etc, then define time and date for this to be sent. The job is then added to quartz and set to email at given time. The queue can easily be controlled via bootstrap so that nothing is ever lost. Do you want to email a person at 11:41 pm or maybe a group of people at 2.15am? then look no further. You can schedule an email to be scheduled and to run on a set date and time. Supports HTML emails with inline images as well as attachments has been tested on outlook and result appears to load fine.

    3.0.3 published Feb 18, 2017 by vahid
  • queuekit

    Queuekit is a plugin for grails which uses TaskExecutor with Spring Events for grails 2 and for grails 3 using default `Reactor` events to manage concurrent submitted reports.

    1.10 published Nov 2, 2016 by vahid
  • queuemail

    Queuemail plugin is a centralised email queueing system configurable for many providers all centrally controlled and limited to either daily limit or failures exceeding failureTolerance limit (in a row). By default all email's passing through are priority driven and configured by overall customService name. Two methods of priority queueing are provided BASIC and ENHANCED (default). Enhanced launches an additional thread for each running task and will attempt to kill any running process considered as stuck (if time taken exceeds killLongRunningTasks configuration period).

    1.3 published Dec 7, 2016 by vahid
  • remotessh

    Grails RemoteSSH Plugin

    3.0.9 published Apr 8, 2019 by vahid
  • wschat

    Grails wschat plugin

    3.0.16 published Mar 31, 2016 by vahid