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Acegi Plugin

Plugin Collection

  • Tags: legacy
  • Latest:
  • Last Updated: 09 February 2011
  • Grails version: 1.2.3 > *
38 votes

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Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:acegi:"

Commentable Plugin

Plugin Collection

  • Tags: comment
  • Latest: 0.8.1
  • Last Updated: 06 March 2012
  • Grails version: 1.1 > *
11 votes

Adds support for comments. Mark up any of your domain classes as having comments and then use the tag library and partial templates to integrate comments into your views. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:commentable:0.8.1"

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Provides Mail support to a running Grails application

Plugin Collection

71 votes

44% of Grails users

This plug-in provides a MailService class as well as configuring the necessary beans withinthe Spring ApplicationContext.It also adds a "sendMail" method to all controller classes. A typical example usage is:sendMail { to "[email protected]","[email protected]" from "[email protected]" cc "[email protected]", "[email protected]" bcc "[email protected]" subject "Hello John" text "this is some text"} Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:mail:1.0.7"

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