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Grails ZK UI Plugin

  • Tags: zk, ajax, ui, ria
  • Latest: 0.5.7
  • Last Updated: 28 October 2013
  • Grails version: 1.2 > *
9 votes

ZK UI plugin,the same as the ZKGrails plugin, seamlessly integrates ZK with Grails' infrastructures.The different is it more likely to use the Grails' infrastructures such as gsp, controllers rather than zk's zul. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:zkui:0.5.7"

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Ajax Uploader Plugin

8 votes

3% of Grails users

Highly configurable cross-browser, ajax-based file uploader. Displays a progress bar whilst uploading, allows restriction by filetype, and multiple file upload.

Based on Valums 'ajax uploader' javascript. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:ajax-uploader:1.1"


Prototype Grails Plugin

0 vote

This plugin adds the Prototype, Scriptaculous and Rico JavaScript libraries to Grails and provides integration of those libraries with Grails' Javascript tags. Read more

Dependency :
runtime "org.grails.plugins:prototype:1.0"