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The Grails® Foundation is committed to the continued innovation, development, maintenance, and support of the Grails framework.

Our goal is to provide Grails framework users the support they need while maintaining as much focus as possible on innovation. The level and type of support available for earlier versions of the Grails framework will change as the framework continues to evolve.

Lifecycle Stages

Versions of the Grails framework may fall into one of three lifecycle stages:

  • Active Development
  • Active Maintenance
  • End of Support

Active Development

Grails versions that are in “Active Development” receive regular updates, including new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. These versions receive a majority of our time and effort investment and represent the latest and greatest that the Grails framework has to offer.

We recommend that new and existing Grails applications be built with or upgraded to these versions.

Active Maintenance

"Active Maintenance" releases receive limited bug fixes and patches, mostly focused around the resolution of critical security advisories. New features, performance improvements, and minor bug fixes are unlikely.

We recommend that organizations whose Grails applications depend on a release that's in Active Maintenance upgrade to the latest “Active Development” version in order to make use of the latest features the framework has to offer.

End of Support

Once a Grails framework version moves from "Active Maintenance" to "End of Support", it is unlikely to receive additional updates.

We recommend that organizations which are relying on an End of Support version of the Grails framework upgrade to a "Active Maintenance" or "Active Development" version as soon as possible.

Version Stage Initial Release Last Release Maintenance Support Through
5 Active Development Oct 2021 Ongoing To Be Announced
4 Active Maintenance Jul 2019 Ongoing Dec 2022*
3 End of Support Mar 2015 Jul 2021
Sep 2021
2 End of Support Dec 2011 Mar 2017
Jun 2021
1 End of Support Feb 2008 May 2012
Not Available

* - Future dates are subject to change