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Grails 2.3.7 Release Notes

Grails is a dynamic web application framework built on Java and Groovy, leveraging best of breed APIs including Spring, Hibernate and SiteMesh. Grails brings to Java and Groovy developers the joys of convention-based rapid development while allowing them to leverage their existing knowledge and capitalize on the proven and performant APIs Java developers have been using for years.

Update Notes

Recommended Tomcat and Hibernate plugin versions

If you are upgrading from previous versions of Grails 2.3.x and you use the Hibernate and/or Tomcat plugins you will need to update the versions in BuildConfig:

build ':tomcat:'
runtime ':hibernate:' // ':hibernate4:' for Hibernate 4

update: hibernate plugin version shipped with Grails 2.3.7 has a problem with multiple datasources (or multiple GORM providers like MongoDB). An updated version ( of the hibernate plugin is now available. Please update the hibernate plugin version in BuildConfig.groovy . hibernate4 plugin has been updated to after the release. It fixes GRAILS-11198 (startup with default DataSource.groovy containing the new "singleSession = true" setting).

The current version for scaffolding plugin is 2.0.2 (already updated before 2.3.6 release).

Recommended resources plugin version

You should also upgrade resources plugin to 1.2.7 version because of a security vulnerability in resources plugin versions before 1.2.6. See CVE-2014-0053 for more information.

runtime ':resources:1.2.7'
Config.groovy should contain properly configured values for grails.resources.adhoc.excludes , for example
grails.resources.adhoc.excludes = ['**/WEB-INF/**','**/META-INF/**']

Previous Update Notes

Please also notice the release notes of the previous Grails 2.3.x releases.

Release Information