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Before upgrading run 'grails clean' and delete the script cache (C:/.grails/1.0.x/scriptCache on Windows, $home/.grails/1.0.x/scriptCache on Linux).

Version 0.4.1 of the plugin is fully backwards-compatible with version 0.3, so if you're using version 0.3 of the plugin and want to upgrade to version 0.4.1 there's not much to do to upgrade:

  • delete the current plugin zip and expanded folder from the plugins folder
  • install the new plugin:
grails install-plugin acegi

If you're using Eclipse, remove the old plugin's source folders and jar files from your classpath and add these:

  • add these plugin folders as Source Folders:
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/grails-app/controllers
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/grails-app/services
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/grails-app/taglib
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/src/groovy
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/src/java
  • and these jars:
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/lib/spring-security-core-2.0.4.jar
    • plugins/acegi-0.4.1/lib/spring-security-core-tiger-2.0.4.jar
  • and bin-groovy (or wherever you've configured the Groovy plugin to compile classes in the 'Groovy compiler output location' property) as a Class Folder
If you're using another IDE, perform the corresponding steps.