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This plugin allows Grails developers to expose methods defined in Grails Service classes as Web Services. The latest version of the plugin is 0.7. This version supports Grails v1.2 and above.



Type the following command in your Grails application directory to install Apache Axis2 plugin.

$> grails install-plugin axis2
Alternatively, you can use the following command, if you have a plugin archive locally.
$> grails install-plugin /path/to/grails-axis2-<version>.zip


This plugin is based on the WSO2 WSF/Spring framework, which integrates the Apache Axis2 Web services engine into Spring.

Getting Started

Just add the following line to a Grails service class to expose is as a web service. This will expose all the methods of the service class as web service operations.

static expose=['axis2']

For more information on service classes refer to the section on Services in the Grails user guide.

The following code illustrates a sample service class exposed as an Apache Axis2 web service.

import javax.jws.WebParam;

class TestService {

static expose=['axis2']

String sayHello(String yourName) { return "Hello ${yourName}!" }

def availableBooks() { return Book.list() }

Book getBookById(int id) { return Book.get(id) }

void addBook(@WebParam(name="name")String pName, @WebParam(name="author")String pAuthor) { new Book(name:pName, auther:pAuthor).save(); } }

You can use Java or Groovy classes (including domain classes) as parameters and return types.

After running the application (grails run-app), the EPR of the web service will be:


And the WSDL will be available at:


You can browse the Axis2 web interface at:



The following features are planned to implement in the future.

  • Custom WSDLs
  • WS-* support

Source Code

This source code is available at

Report Bugs

Please use JIRA issue tracker available at!default.jspa. Report the bugs under the "Grails-axis2" component of the "Grails Plugins" project. If you do not have an exsisting JIRA account, please sign up at!default.jspa.

Version History

v. 0.7

  • Supports Grails 1.2
v. 0.6
  • Supports Grails 1.1
v. 0.5
  • Updated to WSF/Spring v1.5
  • Partial support for @WebParam annotation ('name' attribute)
v. 0.2
  • Groovy classes (including Grails domain classes) for parameters and return values.
v. 0.1.2
  • Grails v1.0.1 support
v. 0.1.1
  • Minor changes and bug fixes
v. 0.1
  • Initial release