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Version 0.5.2

  • Fix for issue GRAILSPLUGINS-2238 - The GwtController now invokes service methods using service."$method"() notation now, rather than using invokeMethod() directly. This approach retains transactional behaviour whereas the previous code bypassed the transaction interceptor.

Version 0.5.1

  • The plugin now works with Grails 1.3!
  • You can now add GWT libraries as provided dependencies - simply set gwt.use.provided.deps to true in BuildConfig.groovy .

Version 0.5

  • Added support for GWT 2's dev mode!
  • Added support for GWT 2's draft compile mode. Either set the gwt.draft.compile build option to true or pass the --draft command-line option to the compile-gwt-modules command.
  • Added action handlers - the plugin's version of the Command Pattern.
  • Added a servlet filter that ensures the *.nocache.* files are never cached. It can be activated by setting the gwt.nocache.filter.enabled config option to true .
  • Added a gwt.sync.i18n build setting that allows you to disable the automatic generation of the Java interfaces from the i18n properties files.
  • Added a create-gwt-event command to simplify creating new logical events - particularly useful when combined with an event bus implementation.
  • Added support for the DTO plugin, which works well with the action handlers.
  • Added a gwt.shared.package build setting that allows you to override the name of the "shared" sub-package. This used to be "client", but the plugin now defaults to "shared" instead. Make sure that the "shared" package is configured as a module source path.
  • Added a gwt.local.workers build setting that allows you to specify how many worker threads to use for GWT compilation (GWT 1.6+ only).
  • Added a build setting that allows you to provide extra JVM arguments when running GWT commands, such as compile-gwt-modules and run-gwt-client . The value should be a closure with nested AntBuilder jvmarg and arg elements.
  • You can now specify the GWT location via a gwt.home system property.
  • Added a --debug command-line option to the run-gwt-client command so that you can remote debug hosted mode.
  • The run-app command no longer forces a GWT compile after a clean. In fact, a GWT compile is only forced for WAR generation now.
  • You no longer have to manually implement the workaround for Google Gin - it works out-of-the-box.

Version 0.4.1

Previously, the security fix was mentioned for version 0.4. Due to human error, the fix wasn't in that release. It is in this one.
  • Fixed a security issue that meant clients could invoke methods on any Spring bean in the application. Requests are now only processed if the bean has an "expose" property configured for GWT.
  • The gwt-dev*.jar and gwt-user.jar files are no longer included in the application's WAR.

Version 0.4

  • GWT RPC calls now go through a Grails controller. This means that the standard Grails filters and interceptors are invoked and also that you can change the URL mappings for GWT requests. Just map your preferred URL to controller "gwt", action "index".
  • Added the create-gwt-i18n command, which creates GWT Constants and Messages properties files for a given module.
  • There is now a new command, clean-gwt-modules, for cleaning all the generated GWT files.
  • The plugin now supports GWT 1.6 and 1.7 without relying on legacy mode.
  • The generate-gwt-rpc command now ignores services that aren't exposed via GWT (GRAILSPLUGINS-1215).

Version 0.3

  • The plugin now uses the GWT libraries from GWT_HOME instead of packaging the JARs itself. This should mean that plugin will work with multiple versions of GWT (including 1.5.x).
  • The plugin is Grails 1.1+ only.
  • Modules and associated GWT Java files are now located under src/gwt rather than src/java . The RPC interfaces still go under src/java though.
  • Automatic generation of RPC interfaces has been removed. Instead, you can manually create them using the new grails generate-gwt-rpc command.
  • Fixed some issues with the RPC handling, particularly with regard to exceptions.
  • grails clean removes directories and directories and files generated by GWT.
  • Other JIRA fixes.