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Grails Development Firms

OCI provides official support, training and consulting for Groovy and Grails, however there are numerous third-party companies who can provide Grails developers for your projects. This page contains a list of web development firms that use Grails as a primary tool in their job.

Enter your company to your base region and in alphabetical order.


  • Acceleate - Software development company based in France and Tunisia
  • Autumn Leaf IT - Software development and consulting company based in Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Conor Information Technologies - Software development company based in Pretoria (South Africa)
  • crimzone - Software development company based in Johannesburg South Africa
  • Effective Control Systems - Document management solution providers based in Johannesburg South Africa
  • EIzy Technology, LDA - Software Development, Web Designer, Mobile Solutions, Geographical Solutions, Network and Hardware Solutions; (Mozambique-Maputo).
  • i3 - Mobile software and services company (South Africa)
  • Proxym-it - Proxym-it is a Nearshore software services company operating in Tunisia, France and UK. Based in Tunisia and specialized with two major areas of expertise : the development of Web2.0 and E-commerce in one hand and the development of mobile and embedded applications on the other hand.
  • Quirk - Digital agency based in Cape Town and Johannesburg using Grails, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Cloud Foundry.
  • BrandsEye - BrandsEye is an online monitoring, insights and analytics company in Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa).
  • SenSoft - Software, services and mobile development company based in Senegal (West Africa) using Grails, Android Solutions and Java



  • Ivytech Innovations Ltd. - IvyTech Innovations is a Grails based innovation oriented, value driven, web and mobile application development company with a sole view of putting a client-first approach in our way of working. We have continuously been keeping ourselves abreast of the latest innovations/trends in custom application consulting and development domain, thus, giving a thrust to our focus on being the front-runners in offering cutting edge services localized to client requirements.


  • Athena Software Associates Ltd. - Athena Software Associates Ltd, is a specialist technology consulting firm that provides advanced & robust software solutions to large multi-national corporations, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and local government agencies. Especially in financial business organisation, value-added IT consulting and Business Process Outsourcing. Our highly skilled software engineers with effective project and vendor management process are the key elements.
  • BitMascot - Gain a dominant edge over your competitors by partnering with Bit Mascot. In the current business environment where uncertainty abounds, frequent bouts of downsizing and budget limitation persist; many organisations are looking for better returns on their investment. Progressive IT and Development companies have begun to recognise the need for improved long-term strategies to structure and manage supply chains. Bit Mascot’s expertise in areas such as web & graphic design, software development, online marketing, IT and hosting, & customer relation management can give you the competitive edge you need. If you want to reduce your total cost of ownership and improve your time to market - we have you covered.


  • MVT - For communications, broadcasting and other industries to provide custom software development services using Grails.


  • DeetyaSoft.Pvt.Ltd -DeetyaSoft.pvt.Ltd is website and Mobile application development company in Noida, India.
  • AB Innovative Software - Please visit our site to know more.
  • Ardhika Software Technologies - Chennai, India - Best of the industry talent run consulting company who do training and outsourced product and custom solution development using Grails, Spring and Hibernate. Use grails exclusively for creating RESTful services for mobile apps built by us for iOS and Android. Provide premium quality services for evaluating Architecture, Design and code. Known for turning around projects in disaster.
  • Austere Technology Solutions - Pune - India - We are team of software professional having versatile experience with different technologies making it easier to combine it to form enterprise application. Grails like framework is main part of our technology stack. We are happy to help and work for any opportunities with similar technology map. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]
  • Benipal Technologies - Bangalore, India based Consulting and Outsourcing company provides large Enterprises with Application Development and Maintenance in Spring, Grails and Groovy for Big Data Search, Management and Storage on proprietary and Cloud platforms.
  • Blue Info Soft - Noida. A mature team of application developers and testers with fluent industry experience. Development experience in java and open-source technologies ranging from Core Java, J2EE applications and agile development methodologies. Testing includes manual and automation testing with selenium (web driver/IDE/RC/Grid), Jmeter, Watir, QTP and so on. Well-honed in multiple web technologies, designed and built enterprise level applications for specialized domains like pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, as well as others. Please contact us at: [email protected]
  • BrickRed Technologies-A Three Pillar Global Company - Three Pillar/ BrickRed has been named in the list of fastest growing 500 companies in North America by the Inc. magazine. We have also been ranked 34th in Best companies to work for in India, in a study conducted by Great Place to Work Institute. Outsourcing has been here for long. But at BrickRed, we lend a refreshingly new meaning to it. We use our decade-long experience of this industry to bring a level of maturity which makes us best-in-class. It’s no surprise that the Black book of Outsourcing has rated us in the Top 10 in the world for Outsourced product development. You can contact us at : [email protected]
  • CauseCode Technologies Pvt Ltd - Our goal is to bring high impact ideas to reality. Our expertise lies in Web Development, Mobile Applications, Usability and User Experience. We primarily work on Groovy, Grails along with Cordova/Phonegap, Java, Hibernate, MySql, MongoDB, WebSocket, Atmosphere, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Cordova,, Ionic, Backbone, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, Cloud (AWS, Rackspace, AppEngine), Vagrant, Docker, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS, Chai, Mocha, Git and more. Reach us at [email protected]
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing C-DAC is the premier R&D organization of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas. Different areas of C-DAC, had originated at different times, many of which came out as a result of identification of opportunities. C-DAC chennai is working on areas such as Cloud Computing, Grails etc.
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC)STDC Kochi - C-DAC is the premier R&D organization of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas. STDCK(Software Training and Developement Centre - Kochi), a training and development division under CDAC Thiruvananthapuram is working in Groovy, Grails, .NET, Java, JEE, PHP and other web technologies. Mail ID for contact is : [email protected] Contact Telephone : 0484 2372422/ 2369972.
  • Concieve More.. - An excellent team of professionals that create solutions around specific needs of clients and delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks,standards and service delivery innovation. with unmatched combination of flex, extjs4 and grails .Please contact us at: [email protected],[email protected]
  • Cygnet Infotech - We are the largest grails development company in Gujarat, India. We have delivered over 30,000 hours of grails development in 2012 to clients in USA and other countries. Our services include custom java application development, maintenance and migration of legacy J2EE applications and Java CMS solutions. Write to us at [email protected]
  • Damyant - Damyant is established in 2008 by a group of technologist who are passionate about building complex system on right and solid architectural foundation. Damyant has built web 2.0 style e-learning and interview managment and video/media management product solutions with Grails and Groovy Frameworks. Please visit Damyant Labs for the live demonstration. We offer custom grails, groovy, and standard J2EE based Development, Platform,Technology,Cloud Migration, Training and Consultation Services.The company is headquartered at Noida, near New Delhi, the capital city of India. Please contact us at: [email protected]
  • Delta Technology - Software development company based in Hyderabad, India. The broad technological expertise of our teams covers Microsoft .NET and Java EE platforms,Groovy & Grails, SharePoint platform, CRM, ERP, multiplatform C++/C# development, Oracle and MS SQL database management systems, iPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms.
  • DuraSoft - We are a Groovy/Grails/Open Source (Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, etc) software development company. We use TDD, Agile and other light-weight methodologies for developing software for our clients. We are based in Chennai, India. Please email us at [email protected] for your development needs.
  • E1C1 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd - Hyderabad,India- Best.,We are committed to being a truly integrated partner with global expertise in providing IT services by upholding the value system and following ethical business practices. We ensure customer satisfaction while encouraging team participation by being employer of choice and our commitment to the customer by being partner of choice
  • Fidelis Technologies - "A Solution Multiverse" Exploring the power of groovy, Sql Injection, Mobile apps and Google technologies Consulting.
  • GOF Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - "Experience Perfection" New Delhi,India based Software Development company having 10+ years of experience in various technologies. Contact us at [email protected] (+).
  • GrailsFreeLancer - GrailsFreeLancer is a established in 2009 by a group of groovy/grails developers for freelancing the Groovy/Grails Projects.It Also Providing the Trainings on grails/Groovy. Please contact us at: [email protected]
  • Imomentous - Hyderabad, India .IMomentous is a professional IT services company focused on delivering business driven technology solutions for Mobile, Analytics and Application Development in Healthcare and Technology industries.We expertise in technologies like Grails, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate , jQuery, jQuery-Mobile,iPhone, Android and Blackberry,etc.
  • ILM Innovates - Mumbai India, Bahrain, Malasia & USA extending grails to extremly powerfull and rapid development framework. We have leveraged grails to develop promising solution and product and turn around in pretty good time. Our focus has been driving more business value and user expereince and with grails we find no limitation to fire our best shots. We have developed our own framework which make feature rich apps not only niche look but state of the art technology offering. Engage with us and find the difference
  • Infoshore Software Private Limited - Jaipur, India - Founded in 2007, Infoshore is IT consulting firm working on grails, hibernate, jboss seam, spring, for complex IT projects. Infoshore have worked on migrating projects from old J2EE technologies to Grails. You can contact them via their website
  • JellyFish Technologies - JellyFish Technologies is a startup company based in New Delhi, India. We have successfully delivered various end-to-end solutions using Grails. We follow agile methodology for software development. We actively participate in Grails discussions happening on mailing list and forums. You can contact us at : [email protected]
  • Kibin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a startup located in Chennai. We provide Grails based Application solutioning services leveraging our experience in Product development on Grails platform. Among others, our value system emphasizes a lot on understanding the business sentiment and embracing a collaborative work culture for successful solutions. Contact us at [email protected] for further details.
  • Liquidz solution is a grails/Groovy/Java consulting and training group. Currently operating in Bangalore.Visit or mail to [email protected] . Contact for free website developments.
  • Marksman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Noida , India : we provides - Consultation , Applications Solutions and Product Development in Laszlo, RED5, Grails, Spring, Hibernate and Agile. Our core Strength is RIA and Custom Web based Applications Solutions and the product development based on the "Open Source Technology".
  • MakersBay Pvt Ltd. - Noida, India: Makers Bay offers software development services targeting Web 2.0 & RIA based web applications, Social Networking, Enterprise application integrations, product engineering and mobile application services.
  • Novasys Consultancy Services Pvt Limited - Novasys is a mobile solutions provider for iOS and Android devices using Grails for mobile application backend and web application solutions. Novasys is based in Bangalore, India. In web applications Novasys uses Grails, Groovy, Hibernate, Amazon EC2 cloud, Cloud Factory etc. Novays has implemented Grails application for many mobile applications and web applications. You can contact us at [email protected]
  • OnGraph Technologies - OnGraph provides offshore application development,deployment and maintenance services, requirements management and consulting services in the enterprise applications domain to small,medium and large businesses around the world. We embrace agile development methodologies, process oriented development, and are experts in Web2.0 technologies and rapid application development frameworks. We have a dedicated focus group for Grails development and provide multitude of services using Grails as framework. Please contact us at [email protected]
  • Oodles Technologies - Oodles Technologies is digital marketing and technology service company with focus on providing consulting services to use latest innovative technologies effectively. Team at Oodles specialize in Groovy and Grails development and have extensive experience in SaaS applications architecture and development.Please contact us at: [email protected]
  • People10 - Team of geeks at People10 is committed to helping enterprises realize and embrace the potential of groovy and Grails. That's because People10 specializes in agile software development with a larger vision of enabling enterprises and businness gain a competitive edge through embracing agility. We are one of the very few companies out of India to increase the offshoring value delivered through practices that enables transparent development like continuous delivery. Our capabilities include rapid web application development, rich client platforms, single page applications, service oriented architecture, social and mobile apps, Search, content management, data and analytics and REST among others. contact us at: [email protected] - we have a large dedicated team for Groovy and Grails for your development needs
  • Nexthoughts Software - Based in Noida, we are a young Company with a highly skilled team of IT and software development experts. Our main aim is to deliver the best customer service in the most cost-effective manner. We follow agile practises and leverage the power of Java, Groovy and Grails for web application development. We work closely with our customers and engage them throughout the development process, adding and bolstering business value to the final product. Contact Us at: [email protected]
  • Pay Technologies India Pvt. Ltd -Cloudacar is a new social commute platform to build community of smart and responsible commuters for better tomorrow. In Todays world Cloud is synonymous with the power of the shared resources like car sharing, ride share, carpool journey and shared value like cheap travel and hence Cloud A Car derives the same synergy to build the ride sharing, liftsharing, carpooling network Cloud A Car (CAC) is one of the most important project in line with our vision. We are providing a great mobile app for car in pune, self-drive car on rental in pune.
  • ProsperaSoft - Senior Grails architect at ProsperaSoft are focuessed on leveraging the power of grails and groovy to build scalable solutions. The team at ProsperaSoft is highly commited to Grails & Groovy application. They have more than a decade of experience into enpertise and web based system. The integrations services range from simple payment gateway integration to hight customized server interacations. Please get in touch at [email protected] for further details
  • Q Ventures Pvt. Ltd.(ZOCAMPUS) - Hyderabad,India- To provide the stakeholders with a unique 4 in 1 system integrated into a single web enabled technology platform allowing them to – Manage, Teach, Learn, Train, Exchange, Interact, Update, Pay, Shop et al. in Real Time.Along with a team possessed with experience and expertise, we also boast of robust technology in place to drive the empowerment of education.
  • Sigma Infosolutions Limited - An IS0 9001:2000 & DAR certified company operating from Irvine, CA and Bangalore, India. We expertise in technologies like Grails, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Liferay, Pentaho, Jasper Intelligence, Magento, Drupal etc. Have integrated Grails with various 3rd party products and libraries. We work with more than 200 customers worldwide and have a 125+ member development team expertising in various open source technologies. Contact us at [email protected]
  • Specadel Technologies - Specadel engages with enterprises, financial institutions and business solutions companies as their software development and integration team. Specadel's unique expertise in the area of European Electronic Banking and implementation of latest protocols, formats, security frameworks and data transfer formats has been widely appreciated by banks, custodians and mutual fund houses. Specadel is developing a payments solution for a German banking customer based on Groovy/Grails. Contact us at [email protected]
  • System Integration - J2EE company based in Ahmedabad, India. We work in major J2EE and mobile technologies. We expertise in technologies like Spring, Hibernate, MyBatis, GWT, Anroid, J2ME. Contact us at [email protected]
  • TenXperts Technologies - TenXperts is a small/niche consulting/development company based out of Bangalore. We have been working on Grails for the last year and half and have successfully implemented a couple of medium scale consumer apps that are in production. We also have a lot of expertise on the underlying frameworks (Spring, Hibernate)that enables us to work on more complex tasks/applications. If you are interested in knowing more about our expertise & service please send a mail to [email protected]
  • TO THE NEW - Noida, India. TO THE NEW develops world class software applications using the latest technologies in Java space; especially using open source tools and frameworks with expertise on Groovy/Grails. It follows Agile methodologies for software and applicaion development. It provides services such as Custom Application Development, Open Source Consulting, Outsourcing and CMS Development. TO THE NEW Blog
  • Vmak Solutions - Vmak Solutions provides web 2.0 solutions to SME. We have following solutions built in grails, barcode based inventory with purchase and sales, CRM, POS, SMS and Email Messaging client, etc… Contact us at [email protected]


  • Javan IT Services - Javan is a custom software development firm which is located in Bandung and Yogyakarta that deliver open source based solution. Currently serve various client from various industry such as banking, goverment, and fast moving consumer goods.


  • New Cast Co Ltd. - Consulting,Training, Software development service on Grails based in Nagoya Japan.
  • NTT Software - Software development company based in Tokyo/Yokohama Japan. We have Grails Advocate Team providing consulting, training and software development service on Grails/Groovy.


  • Alcassoft - Alcassoft is a custom software development firm that most effectively brings new technology products to market.
  • Argisoft - Software development company based in Penang, Malaysia.
  • ILM Innovates - Mumbai India, Bahrain, Malasia & USA extending grails to extremly powerfull and rapid development framework. We have leveraged grails to develop promising solution and product and turn around in pretty good time. Our focus has been driving more business value and user expereince and with grails we find no limitation to fire our best shots. We have developed our own framework which make feature rich apps not only niche look but state of the art technology offering. Engage with us and find the difference
  • iMocha Sdn. Bhd - a software development company based in Kuala Lumpur providing cash management, loans origination and insurance systems in Java and Grails.
  • LTNET - based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company provides consulting, training and development services on Grails and Java technologies.


  • Aurora Solutions - Aurora Solutions specializes in developing web appplications in Java, Spring, Grails, Groovy, etc. both RESTful backend and world class frontends. We utilize a blended onshore and offshore teams of real experts to provide very cost effective solutions to our customers.


  • JWay Group (Philippines), Inc - Provider of Web and mobile consulting, development, implementation and support services utilizing latest Internet technologies. JWay Philippines is a subsidiary and the Offshore Development Center (ODC) of JWay Group, Inc. (USA), a 17+ year-old Web consulting and solutions services company based in Silicon Valley. Leveraging expertise in Web technologies, strategies and best practices, JWay partners with clients to drive compelling and dramatic results toward achieving business goals.
  • Orange & Bronze Software Labs - Premier development firm and early adopter of Grails, Spring & Hibernate, with 100++ Spring and Grails developers. VMware/SpringSource partner since 2009. Highly seasoned architects and excellent track record of developing and deploying Spring and Grails applications in the Enterprise as well as for innovative technology start-ups. Official sponsor of Philippine Groovy/Grails User Group.
  • Stratpoint Technologies Inc. - Software development services for web and mobile applications with a solid 12 year track record in delivering innovative solutions to clients. Run by an experienced senior management team -- with access to advanced technologies from Silicon Valley and executives from Narra Venture Capital and Tallwood VC.


  • AgileOwl - Agile software development house based in Singapore with local and international clients. Spring technology stack experts, content management and e-commerce specialists. But we can do it all.
  • FavoriteMedium - Software development company based in Singapore and USA.


  • BRIX - Grails development company in Taipei, Taiwan. BRIX provides Portal, eCommerse consulting service to global companies.
  • Sayhong IT Lab - Grails development company in Taichung, Taiwan. Sayhong provides Grails/iOS/Android/Corona Game/Cocos2d/MongoDB/AWS/CloudBees/Bluetooth app development service.


  • Blitzm Systems - We're based in the heart of Melbourne. We've been developing mobile apps backed by Grails servers since 2010. See our website for a work portfolio.
  • Database Applications - Grails development since 2009. All kinds of Grails business applications. Based in the Hunter, but servicing anyone anywhere in the world.
  • Dius - Founded in 2004, DiUS is an Australian owned and based technology company with a passion for delivering quality solutions based on proven, cost-effective quality processes, using contemporary and emerging technologies.
  • Interlated - specialist in rich customer centric applications and content systems delivery.
  • Ocom Software - The team at Ocom Software help companies increase their profits by improving their I.T. processes using custom developed software. We have helped many businesses and organizations improve their profits and reduce operating costs by implementing cost efficient, value for money software.
  • Refactor - Agile Grails development company on the Gold Coast, Australia. Experience with Grails web development with Scrum + XP.
  • Selera - covering Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Selera is a certified VMware and SpringSource partner with a proven track record of developing and supporting applications for tier-1 enterprises across Australia. Senior team with a depth of industry experience across a range of sectors. Delivering innovative, robust, secure, enterprise-wide software solutions - it's what Selera does best.
  • Soficient - Offering development experience in Grails, Groovy and other Java Enterprise technologies.
  • Software Projects - Software Development and Consultancy with extensive industry experience in a diverse range of market verticals.
  • Seed Software - We were founded in 2009 and exist to assist customers in growing their business through custom software solutions. We've got a passion for Grails development using Lean/Agile methods.

Central America

Costa Rica


  • IDEATI:Web Software Developers and IT Consultancy Firm.



  • ShqiperiaCom Sh.p.k - Grails development company in Tirana, Albania. Experience with Grails Web development.


  • Michael Astreiko - freelance Grails Consultant. Working with Grails since 0.6 version. Has experience as JavaEE/Grails developer, Team Lead in Grails project and in creating Grails project from scratch with all Project infrastructure: continuous delivery, issue/bug tracking and process configuration.
  • Scand Ltd. - an IT outsourcing services provider specializing in web application development, especially in the sphere of custom software development using Java (Groovy, Grails, Spring MVC, JSF, Struts, etc.), .Net, Python, RoR and PHP technologies. The company has been using Grails since version 0.4.4 for dozens of applications including complex enterprise systems. Scand takes an active part in development of Grails based Open source CMS and Workflow engines.



  • Beta Tau Beta - Software development company. Java EE/Grails, IBM Webshpere and IBM Rational, JIRA (+ other Atlassian products) experts. Outsourcing / Customized IT solutions. Agile development focus (Lean).
  • Calyx - A software development company from Zagreb, Croatia focusing on JVM-based technologies like Grails, Android, Spring and GWT.

Czech republic

  • ENVELON - Development of information systems, web applications and apps for mobile phones. We like agile methods for software development.
  • Zmok - company focusing on performance and efficiency in software development. We use Grails for rapid development and software prototype development.


  • Gennemtaenkt IT (Deepthought Development) - Development and consulting company, specialized in delivering customized IT solutions based on Java, Groovy and Grails, and open source tools in general.
  • GR8Conf EU / GR8 ApS - GR8 ApS is the company behind GR8Conf Europe, the conference dedicated to the Groovy Ecosystem.
  • NineConsult A/S - Software consultants focusing on Agile software development using Grails and Java based technologies. Strong focus on Digital Self-service solutions in the Public Sector and Business Critical solutions in the Financial Sector.
  • Openminds ApS - Company located in Aarhus. We do development, projects, teaching and consultantcy based on various technologies, including Groovy, Grails, Java and .net.


  • Tucanoo Solutions - Based in West Yorkshire, Tucanoo Solutions Ltd provide mobile and web application development (Grails) services as well as web and graphic design services. They also manage the Grails Forum an online community for Grails developers.


  • Ignite - We are a small company so we don't bother too much with contracts and planning. We focus on actual work and getting things done.


  • Ambientia - Consultation, planning and implementation for leading enterprises in Finland and Sweden. Our strength lies not only in technical knowledge, but also in project and business know-how. Ambientia uses Java technology. Even if the solutions are tailored on a client-by-client basis, the implementation is done with the help of existing solutions e.g. Grails, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Sagire Software Oy - Based in Espoo, Finland. Sagire provides IT services for legacy Java application maintenance and an upgrade path to modern web2.0 and agile technologies.


  • Acceleate - Software development company based in France and Tunisia
  • ATRAGENE - Located in France (Paris), ATRAGENE is an IT services and web application developpement company. ATRAGENE provides services and powerful cost-effective IT solutions in Groovy/Grails. Localisé de Paris (France) et forte de son expertise en technologie Java et J2EE, ATRAGENE vous accompagne dans vos projets de développement d'applications en Groovy/Grails.
  • doc4web consulting - Grails committer, located in United Kingdom and France. Doc4web provides IT consulting, agile development and Web oriented technologies solutions. Support for JEE, Spring and Grails applications, EMC - VMware certified partner.
  • Hangar 17 ICT - Hangar 17 has expertise in developing web based solution using open source java frameworks Grails/ Groovy. Grails / Groovy is an advanced and innovative open source web application platform that delivers new levels of developer productivity. Hangar 17 deliver quality web application in reduced amounts of time, and focus on what really matters: creating high quality, easy to use application that delight users. Please visit Hangar 17's Grail / Groovy web development page. Hangar 17 thanks to all your enquiries. For further mail us at [email protected]
  • odelia technologies - Individual enterprise, odelia technologies, offers particularly services around Groovy and Grails technologies: consulting, web application development, and training.
  • Proxym-it - Proxym-it is a Nearshore software services company operating in Tunisia, France and UK. Based in Tunisia and specialized with two major areas of expertise : the development of Web2.0 and E-commerce in one hand and the development of mobile and embedded applications on the other hand.


  • BASIC SYSTEMS - Rapid Development with Groovy & Grails. Specialized in databased webapplications, e-business and business intelligence. Location: Germany - Stuttgart.
  • Block|Consult - Agile Software Development with Groovy & Grails. Special Focus on SaaS solutions for the renewable energy sector. Location: Freiburg i.Br.
  • COR Infexpert AG - Groovy and Grails development in Winterthur/Zurich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart (Germany).
  • Dalley IT - Groovy & Grails software development company in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • eleon GmbH - Grovvy, Grails and Java/JEE web development company in Munich/Munchen, Germany. Agile development with Scrum.
  • exensio GmbH - exensio is a consulting company (from Karlsruhe) specialized in designing and implementing web-based information systems. We use the Grails framework since its publication very successfully in small and large projects.
  • FHCon GmbH - Company in Essen that specializes in Java, Spring, Grails agile, test driven development with a focus of Web2Print, Adobe InDesign & IDML Workflows,Media Asset Management and large storage repository solutions.
  • Grazal - Rapid Application Development with Grails. Grazal ist ein auf Webanwendungen und Web 2.0 Projekte spezialisiertes Entwicklerteam der M-Invent Gruppe - einem Unternehmen mit langjahriger Erfahrung in der Umsetzung von Enterprise-Anwendungen. Munich/Munchen, Germany.
  • Horner GmbH - Consulting and development of software solutions for automotive, aerospace, pharma and mechanical engineering. We replace old single-user excel-based workflows with modern Grails web applications. Open source enterprise content management for technical documentation with DITA, S1000D & Framemaker. Location: near Karlsruhe, Germany
  • INFINIT GmbH - Consulting, training and development company located in Hamburg, Germany. INFINIT is focused on web technologies (Java, Groovy & Grails) and mobile applications (Android, iPhone). It offers agile methodologies like Scrum, XP and TDD. "IT-Projekte wie sie sein sollten". Please contact us at [email protected]
  • Internetservice box24 - Company in Hannover that specializes in Java, Javascript, Lotusscript, Grails, ASP and others.
  • it-agile - Agile Groovy and Grails development company in Hamburg, Germany. Experience with projects up to several 1.000 person days and agile development (Scrum, XP, Feature Driven Development).
  • - is one of the leading Seminar portals of training for the information technology (IT) with focus on server systems, development, Open Source, project management and business intelligence.
  • Logicline GmbH - Zugige und kreative Softwareentiwcklung mit BPM, SOA, Grails und agilen Entwicklungsmethoden. Als Festpreis und Time&Material. Wir wissen das Software nur Mittel zum Zweck ist.
  • Masiar Ighani - consultant, trainer, coach, developer for web applications with Groovy&Grails and JEE. Location: Koeln/Bonn (Germany)
  • Matthias Bohlen - independent consultant for software architecture, agile methods and web application development with Groovy and the Grails framework
  • MetaSieve - a web application development company in Bochum, Germany. Java, Groovy, Grails, Rails and Objective C.
  • Meta Systems Ltd. - Meta Systems is a software development company based Stuttgart, Germany, and Hong Kong focusing on software engineering (esp. Java, Spring Framework, Grails, Android, open source technologies) and business process automation (BPA).
  • neomatt GmbH - Wir entwickeln mandantenfähige responsive Web-Apps, die sich plattformunabhängig (Android, iOS, Windows, Desktop-PC, Tablets, Smartphones) nutzen lassen. Wir entwickeln und vertreiben Grails-PlugIns.
  • neofonie - JAVA, Grails, Objective C development company with focus on (semantic) search, mobile and community in Berlin, Germany.
  • newscope Consulting - Groovy, Grails and iPhone development company in Hamburg, Germany, experience with projects for large and small companies.
  • openfellas - based in Munich, Germany, delivers first class consulting services to national and international clients. Our main delivery concentrates on both strategic consulting for business and IT processes and the realization of custom defined software solutions. We have a strong web development background and advocates Grails as one of our main development platforms.
  • Orientation in Objects GmbH - OIO offers Groovy and Grails training, consulting and development.
  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a professional web agency from Wiesbaden, Germany. We have 75 employees and have significant programming experience with over 30 programmers since 1996. Grails was adopted very early in our company and is one of the main programming languages, that we use. The strength of //SEIBERT/MEDIA is to offer the full process from web-strategy over concepts, usability, interface design, frontend- and backend-programming through system administration, server management and internet security. We are looking forward to help you with your project. -
  • Schuhmacher+Partner Enterprise Social Software - s+p Enterprise Social Software offers Enterprise 2.0 software built with Grails and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) as well as Enterprise 2.0 integration services and consulting. The Hamburg based business is the vendor of StreamDocs - a document sharing software that makes your teams more productive and increases the project output
  • Silpion IT-Solutions GmbH - Silpion is based in Hamburg (Germany) with focus on agile development (Scrum, XP, Kanban). We can cover a lot of technical topics from embedded systems (in C/C++) development to mobile (J2ME, Android & iOS (Objective-C)) and web development (using PHP, Java, Flex, Groovy/Grails, Ruby/Rails).
  • softstairs GmbHWir sind Experten. Jeder mit einem anderen Schwerpunkt, aber alle im Bereich der betrieblichen Aus- und Weiterbildung. Teilweise mit über 12 Jahren Erfahrung in der Beratung, Konzeption und Entwicklung von Softwarelösungen. Wir entwickeln Standardsoftware und bieten Projektgeschäft mit Grails und Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Softwareschneiderei GmbH - Dienstleister für Softwareentwicklung in Karlsruhe mit Schwerpunkt auf Individualsoftware im technisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Bereich. Wir setzen Grails seit 2008 für umfangreiche Projekte ein, beispielsweise ein Antragsystem für das KIT. Unser Wissen dokumentieren wir auf unserem Entwickler-Blog
  • Soulworks Netzwerk- und Medientechnik GmbH - Soulworks is based in Cologne (Germany) and assists its customers with fresh ideas, unique expertise and latest technology at all scopes of network engineering and web development.
  • symentis GmbH - based in Munich (Germany). Webapplication and App development, consulting for international clients.
  • trilobit GmbH - Karlsruher Internetagentur mit Schwerpunkt auf individuellen technologischen Losungen auf Basis von Grails - eben alles andere als von der Stange. Aktuelle Referenz: Prasenz zur aktiven Begleitung der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative von dm-drogerie markt und der Deutschen UNESCO-Kommission.
  • Unger, Welsow & Company - Developing & Consulting Company - spezialised in webportals, web 2.0 applications, business intelligence, e-commerce, business process management and integration. Location: Paderborn (Germany)
  • UWS Software Service is a software development company specialized in building mission critical and complex enterprise applications with Enterprise Java, Spring and Grails . UWS are located in Berlin, Frankfurt (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Poznan, Gliwice (Poland).
  • Volz Innovation GmbH - (Karlsruhe, Germany) is your "think & do tank" and offers rapid product innovation services proudly coded in Groovy, Grails, and explicit models (RDF/OWL, BPMN/BPEL). Our international team speaks German, English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, and Hungarian. Grails coding since mid 2007.
  • Webanizer AG - (Simbach am Inn, Germany) Groovy, Grails, J2EE



  • AKTIV REKORD HUNGARIA Kft. - Software solutions for document management, forms processing and industrial logistics - based on Java technology, using Groovy/Grails and Griffon.


  • Lightbox We are a web design and web development agency using Grails for web application development and many client projects.
  • RND Solutions Provide consulting and development services for Groovy & Grails projects.


  • Dogma Systems Ancona, Italy. Dogma Systems develops software using the latest technologies in Java, Groovy and Grails. MyRent , the car rental software, and MyGuardian , the gps tracking platform, are both developed using these technologies.
  • Studio M2J A software house located in Milan city developing web applications using new technology for e-commerce and e-business customers. New projects are being developed using Groovy and Grails framework. As of now we are porting our e-suite B2C to G&G. Other projects are being developed using PHP/Ajax and J2EE/JSF/Ajax. For information about our solutions write us at: [email protected] CEO/Director Dr. Juan J. Moreno (Milano, Italy). New office is opening close to Shenzshen (China) soon.


  • OAshi S.a r.l. - OAshi offers software solutions for small and medium enterprises, including ERP, CRM and DMS. We use Groovy as scripting language within our application framework MyTISM and tightly integrate Grails as web platform.


  • E-id - E-id develops enterprise software that makes a difference. "We promote the usage of the Grails framework to enhance the developers experience and shorten the time-to-market of desired functionalities. Using Grails, we can help our customers even faster than before, with more focus on the business instead of the technical complexity.
  • e-lek - We specialize in building rich web applications using state of the art technology. We use a mixture of open source and custom frameworks to build our products, making them stable and cost effective for our customers.
  • Enhance ICT - Grails, Spring, Groovy and Java expertise for hire.
  • First8 - Using Groovy & Grails for webapplication development, maintainance and consultancy.
  • IHomer - Homebased allround software development company using Spring & Grails to work closely together with our clients in realizing software solutions.
  • JDriven - JDriven is specialized in software design, delivery and consulting with a primary focus on enterprise Java and open source. We support and enlarge the success of our clients by realizing innovative and high quality software systems while sharing our drive, craftsmanship and in depth knowledge. We focus on technologies like Java EE, Spring, Gradle, Grails and AngularJS
  • JTeam - JTeam creates fully customized, innovative IT software solutions based on Enterprise Java (JEE) and related open source technologies including grails.
  • Valid - Independent ICT service provider offering Groovy & Grails consulting, development and maintenance services.
  • VX Company - is an IT company, established in 1988. They specialise in automating enterprise systems and develop, integrate and manage business-critical applications.
  • Ardekay IT Recruitment - Ardekay specializes in IT Recruitment. Through our specific focus on Java, PHP, .NET and Testing professionals in both permanent and contract basis, we guarantee quality and knowledge of the market.


  • Geomatikk IKT AS - Geomatikk IKT is one of the nation's leading providers of solutions related to the implementation of electronic document management, management of property tax law, mobile solutions and geographic information technology. Geomatikk IKT develops IT solutions based on both .Net and Java technologies, in addition, we have used Groovy & Grails in both internal and commercial applications since 2007.
  • Redpill Linpro AS - Redpill Linpro is the leading provider of Professional Open Source services and products in the Nordic region. Redpill Linpro has a strategic cooperation agreement with SpringSource, the leader in Java application infrastructure and management.


  • - Design, development and execution of highly available and scalable enterprise applications.
  • Draftsoft - Draftsoft, a young company, is one of the first companies in Poland (starting the second half of 2007) to use groovy and grails technology to complete projects. It's main goal is to deliver modern, safe and efficient IT solutions adjusted to the indiwidual needs of it's clients.
  • Espeo Software - Espeo Software is a software company doing software development with Java, Grails, Groovy, Griffon, Flex and using Agile methods. We also offer outsourcing services including grails developers and complete development teams.
  • Paridae - Groovy and Grails web application development and trainings.
  • itCraft - itCraft team consists of highly skilled Java EE experts who have successfully developed and implemented a number of critical customer applications. The software produced by itCraft is easily extensible, secure, scalable, intuitive and easily accessible to the end user.
  • itSilesia - We're a group of people who just enjoy IT and software development. Since 2008 we've been delivering software solutions for customers all around the Europe. We have successfully developed a number of customer applications in Java, Groovy and Grails.
  • Miquido - Fast growing startup focused on mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad), web (Java, Groovy & Grails) and desktop (Mac, Google TV) application development with offices located in Krakow, Poland and Manila, Philippines.
  • Open Tangerine - Custom tailored software solutions for big-data driven enterprise scale applications. We are making web applications from scratch, assisting you from the day one of project. Focused on data acquisition, web-scrapping, content classification / clustering with cutting edge NLP and machine learning techniques. We know the "little-big details" are making the difference. Discover insights in your data. Experience the quality in every byte.


  • White Road Software - IT start-up founded in 2009, specializing on custom software development, especially on mobile and web-based solutions. White Road Software's goal has been to deliver working products that meet the costumer's needs, and exceed their expectations. Grails has been instrumental in achieving that goal.
  • - IT company founded in 1998 specialized in the development of multi-platform Web and Mobile Solutions, currently working on a Web 2.0 ECPM Framework built on Grails.
  • Konkrets - Konkrets is a company providing a plethora of corporate wide services. It specializes in the development and deployment of web based information management systems that neatly fit into the defined business strategy and aid the decision making process. Grails has become the main development framework used by Konkrets.
  • Two Impulse - Two Impulse develops tools and solutions for SaaS using mostly Grails and WordPress. They try to make a difference in how web development is done, and leverage modern technologies for making web interfaces a delight. They are bulding a couple of products around web development and using smart analytics technologies.


  • Lightway Software - Full range of Java Enterprise development, focusing on Groovy and Grails. Our latest public Grails project -
  • Language Weaver - Agile Development, we develop our solutions using Grails
  • Macrobit Software - Groovy and Grails development, training and consulting.
  • "Puzzle Softteam" - Agile Development, we develop solutions using Grails, Groovy, Java, C/C++
  • Tremend Software Consulting - Enterprise Java development and consulting.
  • Zynk Software - Social platforms, LBS, Gaming software services partner, with broad experience in using Grails


  • Gramant - Established in 2007 the company specializes in web development. We are experts in heavily loaded and scalable web-based applications. Started using Grails in early 2009 we have already completed several large projects. Our plan is to extend Grails community in Russia, and to organize public appearances and masterclasses.


  • Gecko Solutions d.o.o. - Company engaged in software engineering and service delivery of the complete system development, from design to maintenance of complex software applications including software and hardware infrastructure. Our team consist of Groovy/Grails passioned professionals that have worked and promoted Grails in Balkan region from 2009 onwards.


  • lesipa, s.r.o. - Offshore outsourcing specialist in the development of various types of applications based on Java, Groovy and Grails.


  • Razum d.o.o. - Mobile and web development company doing complete product development as well as prototyping. We are a game development studio but love solving hard problems from all domains. One of our bigger public facing Grails projects was the redesign of, Slovenia's largest and oldest mutual funds portal.


  • ImaginaWorks - Mantainers of, publishers of the first spanish book on Grails, ImaginaWorks is the industry benchmark in Spain for Grails development. We also provide consultancy, training and project management services.
  • OSOCO - OSOCO is a development, consulting, mentoring and training company based in Madrid (Spain) with focus on agile development (Scrum, XP) of solutions for both large, established IT-based companies and technological start-ups. We early adopted Groovy/Grails as our reference development stack in 2009. Since then we have use Grails very successfully in several real projects, including some of the bigger Grails-based projects made in Spain. Our projects using Grails include:, Rumbo's Booking Management System, Plenummedia's CRM and Order Management System,, BBVA's Beta Testing Platform, etc. We have also promoted the creation of the Madrid Groovy User Group and contributed publishing several Grails plugins that you can found on our public GitHub repository.
  • Salenda - Salenda is a web 2.0 company and one of the early adopters of Groovy/Grails in Spain. We use agile methodologies like Scrum and agile technologies like Groovy/Grails. We also offer training and consulting services, not only on that technologies, but also in Java, Spring, JPA, Ajax, Oracle DB/WebLogic, ...


  • Canoo Engineering AG - Canoo offers experienced consulting, tailored services, cutting-edge products and one-stop solutions for Rich Internet Applications. RIA Map is a Grails sample application that shows typical Web 2.0 interface elements.
  • DiSo Solution AG applies Grails to deliver web applications to its clients.
  • effimag Information Management - effimag offers application development and integration of customizable quickstart applications for e-learning, Assessment Tests, Business Intelligence and DWH, business analysis and requirements engineering, ETL and system migration, payroll accounting, opinion polls and migration tools.
  • Euraconsult GmbH
  • openconcept AG
  • webacons GmbH
  • UpTrend R&D GmbH - Web 2.0 Applications in G4 programming style (Groovy, Grails, GWT, Gipsy), multilingual, snappy response
  • ITP Solutions AG - located in Berne - provides consulting, project management and development for Java, PHP, Groovy & Grails projects. Since 1999 we offer high quality ICT services in the area of IT, Telecommunications and Project Management. Agile development according to Scrum.
  • itemis Schweiz GmbH is an innovative IT consulting company and a provider of products and services for efficient software development projects. Its core competence is in the automation of software production via model-based development processes.


  • Callista Enterprise AB - Callista Enterprise AB is Swedens leading company in software architecture and integration. Half of our staff has joined the G2One Groovy and Grails training. We have assisted global enterprises in integrating Grails into their software development praxis.
  • FindOut Technologies - FindOut offers expertise in Java, Eclipse, Groovy, Grails & Project Management.
  • Webinventions - Webinventions is a startup company with several grails projects on the roadmap, we absolutely love Grails and offer Grails consulting as well as standard web 2.0 website design at a competitive price.


  • Componentix - component-based software development. We focus on delivering the best result with less effort (and cost) and Grails helps us in it.
  • Soft-Industry - is a company specializing in server systems development, secure VoIP solutions, web-development and e-commerce projects. We provide a wide range of highly qualified IT consulting, software development, design and outsourcing services since 2000, using modern technologies including Grails, Spring, JPA and other.
  • SysGears - is a software development outsourcing company with focus on reliable and rapid Web application development using Grails and Java technology stacks and NoSQL data storage engines.
  • Zentray Software - Grails development company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Zentray Software provides agile web applications development for web 2.0 startups.

United Kingdom

  • Agilesoft - We are a Bristol-based software development consultancy with expertise in web apps, mobile apps, and the high performance computing space. We do everything from small prototypes, spikes and research projects right through to distributed enterprise systems. We love what we do, and the people we get to work with. Maybe you could be one of them?
  • Coherent Logic E: [email protected], L: +44 (020) 7788 7654 - We are a London-based enterprise Java and Grails consultancy that can help you extend your development team on a flexible and cost-effective basis with experts in the area of rapid application development on the Grails platform. So if you're looking for additional expertise to lead the development of a project or product, if you need to shorten the time your team members require to familiarise themselves with developing applications on the Grails platform, or if you're unfamiliar with Grails and need to determine if it's the right fit for your organisation given your specific business objectives, then you need to be talking with us.
  • Digital Morphosis - An experienced software development company specialising in customised web based applications based in Wales. We have been producing high quality software using Grails since 1.0 for a variety of production sites, including ecommerce and data analytics as well as Performance Optimisation of grails in production. We have also used grails in service oriented architectures and for modular, plugin-based applications. Our team has a proven track record in working with a variety of different clients on both small and large projects across a range of industries.
  • Energized Work - An award winning software development lab in London with a ready-to-rumble agile Groovy Grails team. We took Groovy and Grails into BSkyB and built Sky Living. We work with companies who are ready to try something different to get better business results from their software development.
  • Smartkey - Java Software Consulting Provide consulting and development services for Groovy & Grails projects.
  • IN3K8 Solutions - Based in London, United Kingdom, IN3K8 Solutions provides bespoke Groovy and Grails consulting and development alongside other IT-related consultancy services.
  • Cellcrypt - Based in London, United Kingdom. Provides software and services allowing users to make secure end-to-end mobile calls and uses Grails for the provisioning system.
  • P Fernley - Consultant - Consultancy, design and development services for Grails projects. Authors of TLC Open Source accounting system written in Grails.
  • doc4web consulting - Located in United Kingdom and France. Doc4web provides IT consulting, agile development and Web oriented technologies solutions.
  • Rantmedia Limited - Based in Cardiff, UK. Rantmedia provides bespoke web software development using Groovy & Grails.
  • CTI Digital - Based in Manchester, UK. CTI Digital is a Digital Creative agency dealing with all things opensource
  • Oxford Open Systems - provide consulting and development services for Groovy & Grails projects.
  • Proxym-it - Proxym-it is a Nearshore software services company operating in Tunisia, France and UK. Based in Tunisia and specialized with two major areas of expertise : the development of Web2.0 and E-commerce in one hand and the development of mobile and embedded applications on the other hand.

New Zealand

  • Solnet Solutions - Solnet Solutions is a New Zealand company in the business of developing, integrating and supporting business solutions built on scalable, highly available and reliable platforms such as Groovy & Grails.
  • TEIQ - Groovy/Grails - Groovy/Grails activities are focused on web development and training. Delivered Grails for telcos to small organisations.
  • Wakaleo Consulting - Wakaleo Consulting is a consulting company that provides consulting, training and mentoring services in Java, Groovy and Grails Development, Software Development Life Cycle optimization, Continuous Integration and Agile Methodologies. We are also Groovy/Grails enthusiasts.

Middle East

  • - Redefining group buying and leading e-commerce in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. Grails has been the ideal framework for getting cool features up and running fast, and writing robust code. Supercharged, super-fun programming: From conceiving to implementing in no time.
  • ILM Innovates - Mumbai India, Bahrain, Malasia & USA extending grails to extremly powerfull and rapid development framework. We have leveraged grails to develop promising solution and product and turn around in pretty good time. Our focus has been driving more business value and user expereince and with grails we find no limitation to fire our best shots. We have developed our own framework which make feature rich apps not only niche look but state of the art technology offering. Engage with us and find the difference
  • Rubako ?????? - Pioneer in Iran agile community and scrum trainings & also developer of elegant custom Java/Grails solutions for enterprises. Based in Iran, Tehran. Founders of Grails Iran user group.
  • opentunities - Groovy and Grails open-source and Agile development solutions.SAAS products for the Education sector.Product Management,Java JEE consulting and custom development.Based near Tel-Aviv, Israel.Founder of Groovy & Grails Israel User Group
  • Zaccak Solutions - Specializing in innovative software development and professional services. (Middle East Office)

North America


  • Adience Solutions - We’re a Vancouver-based team with expertise in software, process, strategy, design / architecture, development and deployment. Our developers specialize in Grails, Java, native iOS, native Android, and HTML5 / JavaScript / web applications.
  • AdvOSS - Telecom Software Development company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Alsek Partners Ltd. - Alsek Partners is your trusted technology partner for information technology and business solutions in Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • 2Paths Solutions - Groovy/Grails, experts in developing and implementing the best Enterprise Open Source applications, as well as commercial off-the-shelf. Considered one of the top Groovy/Grails companies in North America. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Android Application Online - Android application shops developed and hosted in Grails and Amazon AWS. (Toronto, ON)
  • Blended Perspectives Inc. - Wiki Consulting and System Integration for Knowledge Management Applications. Focused on business application integration and integration pathways for Atlassian Confluence. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Bulldog Information Svc - Agile development shop using the Groovy/Grails framework. Javascript/GWT/CSS/XHTML also. (Montreal, QC)
  • Isobar - Established in 2003, Isobar is made for the modern age of bought, owned and earned media. Through our global network in 30 markets, Isobar is full services digital media company.
  • Koyana Inc. - Agile development, using Scrum, for Groovy/Grails applications for mobile and distributed systems. Toronto, Ontario
  • Middleware360 Solutions - Integration and Application Development Solutions For Your Business, Enhance information availability, quality and value
  • Nixa - Software and website development services on the Grails framework. (Montreal, QC)
  • Smarter Portal inc. - offers Agile coaching services and Groovy/Grails trainings and support. (Montreal, QC)
  • SpiekerPoint - Evidence-based Decision Making. Spieker Point provides custom Grails application development that focuses on getting your data working for you. (Edmonton, AB)
  • Zaccak Solutions - Specializing in innovative software development and professional services. (Toronto, ON & Waterloo, ON)


  • Advancina - is a global business and technology services company. From proprietary frameworks to open source components, we leverage best-of-breed technology to provide the greatest advantage to our clients. We have been developing Grails-based applications since 2008. Our subsidiary, Nanjing Advancina Technology Ltd, is located in Nanjing, China.
  • ALTERthought - is a boutique software development consultancy specializing in Agile software development using Grails and Java based technologies. We focus on delivering world-class software that is intuitive, sophisticated and scalable.
  • Alsek Partners Ltd. - Alsek Partners is your trusted technology partner for information technology and business solutions in Seattle, USA.
  • Ayoka - With a strong history of J2EE development, we embraced Grails early on and have implementations in business critical, high transaction volume manufacturing and supply chain management in the enterprise as well as consumer oriented ecommerce-type implementations. We're located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • "BanyanLeaf Technologies" : - specializes in Groovy/Grails development especially using cloud technologies like AWS EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, AWS S3 and AWS RDS. We can help you take your Product to the cloud. We are located in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.
  • Build Lackey Labs - specializes in Groovy/Grails development, release engineering, and build/test automation using Maven, Hudson, Ant, Gant and other technologies.
  • Cantina Consulting - development firm focused on delivering open source solutions, especially using Java and Groovy/Grails technologies, including Grails plugin development
  • Celerity Innovation Center - specializes in Groovy/Grails development, user-centered application design, EAI and mobile and enterprise application development.
  • Chariot Solutions - SpringSource partner focused on application development and integration using Spring, Grails, open source SOA, more.
  • CITYTECH, Inc. - CITYTECH is a 30+ person Chicago-based consultancy specializing in the design, development and execution of highly available and scalable enterprise applications. Our fundamental expertise revolves around the Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft .NET and Dynamic Language development platforms such as Groovy and Grails.
  • Cobrio, LLC - Software development firm specializing in building scalable, distributed applications.
  • - is based in Dayton, OH and provides custom Java and Groovy desktop, Groovy/Grails web, and enterprise applications.
  • Deerwalk, Inc. - Deerwalk Inc. is based in Massachusetts and have a large development center in Nepal. We deliver the cost benefits of offshore development with the convenience of working with a US based team. We offer full product development lifecycle services to complete your projects on time, cost-effectively, and above expectations. For further information, contact us at [email protected]
  • Denoncourt Consulting - Groovy and Grails Consulting, Training, and Mentoring specializing on the AS400/Systemi/iSeries/IBMi.Located in Richmond Virginia.
  • Extremely Heavy Industries - Modern web and technology consulting with offices in Northern California and New York. We offer rich web application development, design, and consulting services to private clients.
  • Ed Sumerfield Consulting - Specializing in accelerated development processes with Grails/Rails and the best of bread Agile techniques.
  • Excella Consulting - We build fast, scalable applications the Lean/Agile way. Experienced in Groovy/Grails, Python/Django, Java and .NET. Mid-sized IT consulting firm serving clients in DC and Northern Virginia.
  • ExtensionEngine - From ideation through to product launch, we can help you implement cutting-edge Grails web and mobile applications that will transform your business.
  • FLOSS Solutions - Professional, freelance software development company. With over 13 years of software consulting experience, we are able to provide quality solutions in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Fogbeam Labs - Fogbeam Labs is an Information Technology consulting, Management consulting, Information Technology training, and custom application development firm located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Fogbeam Labs specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses use computer systems and information technology to help their businesses grow, profit and succeed. We specialize in Groovy, Grails, Java, C++ and Python, combined with existing Open Source packages.
  • Fundspire LLC - Software development using Groovy and Grails.
  • Gaslight Software - Great software delivered efficiently and effectively.
  • Grails Developer - Freelance Grails developer with multiple real world deployments and references
  • HTMLPanda - Specialized in web and mobile app development like Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, jQTouch, Titanium, JavaScript, PhoneGap, PSD to HTML/HTML5/XHTML/Responsive, HTML5 app development and more, HTMLPanda delivers high-quality services at the affordable pricing. Moreover, we help our clients in email marketing campaign by offering them stunning Email Templates.
  • Intertech Inc. - Intertech's expert team of Groovy and Grails trainers and consultants can help you develop a world-class Grails application. Including: Architect, design, and build a Grails application, Work with GSP (Groovy Server Pages), Implement efficient database access in Grails using GORM, Identify and use 3rd party plug-ins, Troubleshoot Grails issues, Optimize Grails performance, Leverage Ajax, Automate the build, test, and deploy lifecyle "the Grails way",Understand dynamic and static scaffolding
  • Infinum, LLC. - Software consultancy specializing in custom application development for higher education and manufacturing verticals. Experts in Grails/Groovy and AngularJS. Located in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
  • JThompson Consulting - Freelance Grails developer with jQuery, ExtJS, YUI, and Oracle DBA skills.
  • Midnight Coders, Inc. - Midnight Coders provides integration technology (WebORB) that enables universal client-server connectivity for mobile, browser and desktop applications. WebORB for Java v.4.1 now supports integration with Grails controllers, which means developers can create remoting, messaging and video streaming apps that connect Grails services with Flex, AIR, Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript, Android (native Java and AIR), iOS and Windows Phone7 clients.
  • Object Partners Inc. - SpringSource partner specializing in Grails and Java Open Source development utilizing Agile principles.
  • Open Software Integrators, LLC - we deliver on or offsite support, training, and consulting for Groovy/Grails and Open Source Java
  • Redpoint Technologies - Redpoint is an elite consulting firm based in Chicago. Our top-notch consultants have been using Spring and Hibernate for years on mission-critical client projects, and bring that depth of experience to bear when taking advantage of Grails to move lighting-fast.
  • Refactr - Our teams have the knowledge and experience to deliver working software in rapid iterations. We were one of the very first companies to build and deploy Grails-based applications.
  • Riptide Software - Riptide leverages modern cloud computing, web and mobile technologies for building great products and providing expert consulting & professional services to our clients. Riptide is an official solution provider and partner of:, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MuleSoft (ESB), Apple (iOS), Android and Google. These top technology platforms are the foundation of Riptide's Cloud & Mobile solutions.
  • Ronin Technologies - Early adopters of Groovy and Grails technology. We use Groovy and Grails in combination with Java legacy applications and open source data integration tools (Talend) to work smarter for you. Additionally, we have business domain expertise in real estate, financial services, and compliance.
  • Self Evident Enterprises - We have been using Grails/Groovy since 2009 to develop commercial web applications. Our solutions include integrated iPhone (native iOS) applications using RESTful APIs, providing a complete web/mobile experience for our users. We are based in Dallas, Texas, but have worked with clients all over the world.
  • Sigma Infosolutions, LLC - Operating from Irvine, CA and Bangalore, India, we expertise in technologies like Grails, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Liferay, Pentaho, Jasper Intelligence, Magento, Drupal etc. Have integrated Grails with various 3rd party products and libraries. We work with more than 200+ customers worldwide and have a 125+ member development team expertising in various open source technologies. Contact us at [email protected]
  • Soaring Eagle - Open Source management and development. Java, Groovy/Grails, SOA mentoring and development.
  • Softweb Solutions - Based in Chicago, IL Softweb Solutions is one of the top Grails / Groovy development firm. Great expertise in Agile development with the help of dedicated team of Grails and JAVA Developers.
  • Source Main LLC - Web development, mobile and systems integration specialists. Beyond Groovy/Grails we have extensive knowledge in most open source technologies.
  • Specto Design, Inc. - Specto Design creates engaging experiences for a diverse industry of clients including biotech, health, insurance, financial, hospitality, retail and entertainment.
  • Stratus Telecommunications - Using Grails to creating web applications which are distributed to our customer as source code.
  • Sygma Technology Solutions - is a boutique software engineering firm specializing in custom software design and development, web and mobile application development, systems integration and database managament using Grails and Java based technologies. We deliver top-notch, integrated, custom technology solutions and technically advanced, high performance applications. Great value and service are the hallmarks of our highly motivated, hard working professionals. We have expertise in various open source technologies.
  • SystemsForge - From application development to agile coaching and architecture/code reviews, we help companies to deliver web applications - quickly and cost effectively. Based in New York, but with clients throughout the US and UK. Our team also presents internationally and writes extensively on best development practices.
  • TD Systems Group - Grails/Java Open Source development. Based in Melbourne,Florida
  • Thorn Technologies - As one of the foremost mobile development companies in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, we create apps for all of the major platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. We are skilled enterprise web developers with experience creating mission-critical business applications on both the Java and .Net platforms.
  • Tinderglow Consulting - The principals at Tinderglow have been serving both large and small clients for 15 years. We're adept at all different development methodologies, but our passion is in Agile developement with quality as our cornerstone! Think: Software Artisans!
  • VincentIT - VincentIT offers IT Consultancy Services, Software Development Consulting Services through our specialist IT consultants as well as e-business consultants in USA & India. Contact VincentIT for any kind of the IT consulting services at [email protected]
  • Virtutem - Based near Chicago, IL, Virtutem helps companies leverage the Internet to increase sales, solve critical business issues and succeed in today's online environment. We provide comprehensive software design, development, implementation and support utilizing the latest in Web Development Technologies, including Groovy, Grails, Spring, Hibernate and Java.
  • Webcoresoft - Agile Web Development with Groovy and Grails, Java and Struts.
  • Webof3 - We build web applications users love. Grails web application development company based in Bellevue, WA.


  • MakingDevs - The best training and guidance in Groovy and Grails; we are inspired in agile principles and the craftmanship manifesto. We offer great mentoring and software development. Also, we are active members of the Groovy and Grails community in Mexico, contributing continuosly with articles, meetings, podcast and tutorials.
  • Smart-Sol - We have about 10 years of experience training our customers and building applications using innovative Java related technologies. We provide training solutions for business, industry and government applying Groovy/Grails, Spring among other Technologies.
  • Spheres Software - Bulding solutions for our customers, using advanced technology. Grails/Java and Open Source Tools.
  • SynergyJ - The leading company in Mexico in Spring and Groovy/Grails development. SynergyJ offers Spring, Groovy/Grails trainning and development.
  • TequilaSoft - We are passionate about technology. We are committed to sustainable development by implementing web and mobile projects that change lives. Through the implementation of Grails on our projects, we hope to make a business impact and improve quality of products.

South America


  • Acadeu: Acadeu is a web platform for private schools that improves communication and internal processes by allowing them to save time and resources in the preparation of required documents, such as student performance reports. Families can be updated about their children' progress.
  • Cubika: We are the Labs Unit of a leading Argentine company in the development of software solutions directed to the corporate segment and based on new technologies. Grails/Groovy experts creators of the popular Grails Flex Scaffold plugin. Real world mission critical Grails implementations.
  • FDV Solutions: Leading company in open-source based solutions. Offering services over 130+ countries. Creators of DynamicJasper, DynamicJasper Grails plugin and Puma Time Tracker.
  • Ironsoft: We work with creativity to provide our clients with simple solutions. We adopted grails to our java-based solutions because we won a lot of benefits with it. 
  • PatagonianSys - Technology Solutions providers. Agile Web Development with Groovy and Grails.
  • Soluciones 3f - Consulting and QA support in Grails and Web Components and other cool technologies.
  • SouthMicro - Grails and Java SAAS Solutions. Founders of Grails Argentina users Group.
  • Sistemas Interactivos del Sur - Grails and GroovyWS with CXF 2 for Electronic Invoicing Solution. Jasper, jQuery and Quartz plugins used.
  • TeraCode: We provide offshore development services to established and emerging technology companies in the web application, client-server and mobile markets. We specialize in developing high-end custom applications, rapid prototyping and component architecture in Grails, among others.


  • Ayoba Technology Solutions - Startup based in South of Brazil - focused on developing internet solutions using agile methodologies - specialty in Grails/Groovy/Java.
  • Azul Tecnologia - Agile Web Development with Grails/Java and Flex.
  • IADTEC - A software development company delivering solutions using Java and Grails. Also offers consulting and trainning in Java, Grails and Web development using agile methodologies.
  • Ideais Tecnologia
  • Informant Tecnologia - Grails/Groovy and Java development.
  • itexto - Grails and Java support and development. Founders of Grails Brasil users Group.
  • Lambda 3 - Experienced Grails/Java developers focused on quality and testing, that could also help with Agile developement training.
  • WeboneSystem Soluções em TI


  • SOLFIX Full range of Grails/Groovy Enterprise Agile development. SOLFIX, a IT company delivering solutions using Groovy and Grails. Also offers consulting and trainning in Groovy and Grails using agile methodologies.
  • Tecgia Grails/Java and PHP development, It follows Agile methodologies.


  • Kalio - Grails & Groovy early adopters. We've done several Grails projects such as We also do iPhone development (TriDefense).