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Hosting Options For Grails Applications

The following hosting providers support Grails applications. As hosting options often change the information is dated in order to help determine relevancy. All of the hosting services below has been confirmed to work fine with Grails by someone from the user forum, as of the added/update date. Still, check before signing up, if they allow Spring, Hibernate and third-party frameworks in general. Hosting services are divided into three categories:

It is advisable to ensure you get a Secure Shell (SSH) and FTP (SFTP) access otherwise its highly likely that your account will be hacked and its a nightmare to deal with it

Regular Shared and Dedicated JVM/Tomcat Hosting

Added 11/07/2013 is a subsidiary of Pop Media Ltd, a New Zealand based company founded in 2003 specialized in Java-based web hosting solutions. As the internet has become central to business activities, Oxxus became essential partner to thousands of small, medium, and large enterprises in 39 countries around the globe. Java hosting solutions on Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, Jetty and Geronimo servers.

Added 12/05/2013

Dedicated JAVA and Tomcat hosting company. Private Tomcat instances, versions 5.5 / 6.0 / 7.0 supported, Linux CentOS 6.x 64bit servers, minimum 2 x Quad Core CPUs and 24-48 GB RAM. Only Private Tomcat plans, get Private JVM with every package! Private Tomcat Lite $7.99/pm (128 MB heap size), Pro package $14.99 (256 MB heap size), extra 128 MB heap size for $5. 14 days Trial available! Current promotion can be found at the home page, every month new promo code and discount.

Added 27/07/2011 Updated 26/07/2013

JVMHost is providing all kinds of Java Hosting since 2010. Now with Lowest Price Worldwide Guarantee. For Grails based projects we recommend:

  • Dedicated JVM (Tomcat) with 128MB heap for $7.95/mo. (enough heap for most Grails based projects).
  • Dedicated JVM with 256MB heap (Tomcat Plus) for $15.95/mo.
Other plans include JBoss, Glassfish, Jetty, Geronimo, Resin and Java on VPS plans. Contact us for custom plan. cPanel, custom Java Control Panel, unlimited databases, SVN/GIT and more included. We can provide you with any version of JDK and application server or servlet container. We host on 12 cores 128GB RAM enterprise class servers with RAID10 in US and European locations. 30-days trials available. Experienced and friendly support. Java hosting related knowledgebase

Added 06.11.2010

Hosting Planet

Hosting Planet Limited is hosting company offering Java hosting using private JVM. All java-hosting plans include Tomcat as JSP/Servlet container. Please see


Added 29.9.2010

Hiox India provides dedicated Java hosting with the NGASI Application Server Manager (NGASI AppServer Manager) for the automation of multiple installations and configurations for Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, Oracle-OC4J, JBoss etc.

Plan start just @ 10.98$/Month. 1GB Extra Bandwidth can be purchased at Rs 40/Month. 1000MB Additional space can be purchased at Rs 100/Month. 32MB Extra Heap size can be purchased at 2400Rs/year.


Added 28/06/2007

Contegix provides fully managed, dedicated servers under our Beyond Managed Hosting. Every server is backed by a 100% guaranteed network and infrastructure guarantee. Yet, the most unique and beneficial aspect is the engineering support.

Contegix has maintained an average response time of under 5 minutes for 4 consecutive years. This is not merely an automatic reply or a reply from a "ticket taker". This is a knowledgeable engineer dedicated to working on the customer's issues.

In addition, Contegix is the proud hosting sponsor of Codehaus and numerous other open source communities and non-profits.


Updated 8/07/2007 offers free java hosting that seems to work fine with Grails so far. The catch - they will kill the Tomcat server every 6 hours so you have to go and manually restart it but for development and personal hosting this is fine.  They have also a $6.98 plan (500 MB space, 30 GB file transfer, private JVM) and other more advanced plans including a $69 dedicated server plan. Can deploy war files.

The jdbc url to the MySQL database should be set to jdbc:mysql://localhost/#id#?autoReconnect=true where #id# is your eatj logon id. Set the userid and password to your eatj logon ID and password and you are set.

Added 7/25/2010

Prices increased - Basic: $9.85 (5 GB storage, 30 GB bandwidtch, Private Tomcat, 64 MB memory usage), Advanced: $16.85 (500 GB storage, 5000 GB bandwidth, Private Tomcat, 96 MB memory usage)

KGB Internet

Added 10/17/2007

The entry below is a little old, so I wanted to post an update. is still active. Their shared Tomcat plan is only $10/month, and a dedicated JVM is $20/month. I was able to deploy a grails generated WAR by exploding it into the public_html folder that is provided. Worked fine the first time.

Added 4/11/2006

Quite simply, a developers playground with great support. It is rare to find a provider that answers the actual questions asked, let alone answers promptly and personally. Keith knows his servers and setup, and so answers questions directly himself. No bouncing of your query between different tiers of support required.

Besides the expected features (Tomcat, database, etc), KGBInternet had no problems with me running Grails in dev mode on their server. Very useful when interacting with 3rd party servers that cannot reach my laptop! And very useful to rebuild a deployed app when a little bug is fixed, avoiding uploading a 11meg war for a tiny fix. The only thing you need to know: the server port (found in server.xml), and the fact restart of the server will restart Tomcat automatically. Anything else, just ask Keith.

Added 7/25/2010

Prices are still valid - they are in Canadian Dollar

Daily Razor

Added 08/08/2007

Looks promising: $10.95 for a shared JVM/Tomcat and $22.95 ($17.95 if paying annually) for private JVM/Tomcat with 96MB memory. You can deploy via war files but only on private Tomcat.


Added 08/08/2007
Updated 05/07/2010

Private JVMs start at $19/mo for 64 MB heap. $29/mo for 128 MB. Accounts scale up from there all the way to dedicated server clusters. Setup fee $15-20. They run their own datacenter in the US and have been doing Java hosting for over 10 years. Over 100 reviews spanning their 10 year history available here:


Added 08/08/2007

Looks OK. Plans are $16.99 for a shared and $26.99 for dedicated JVM. Although, they give only 64MB memory (either plan). Accept war file.

Added 5/01/2008

I tried their service and Grails worked like a charm.

Private Tomcat - $19.95/64MB Premium Tomcat - $45.95/160MB Private JBoss - $69.95/160MB

Plesk CP included.


Added 5/09/2008

Private Tomcat/Jetty/JBoss plans start at $14.99/monthly (additonal 32MB Heap Size - $5/monthly).

OpenVZ virtualization

3 plans - from $19.97 to $79.97 per month

Virtual Private Server Hosting

In general, these services are less expensive. They usually let you install software and manage it, which may be more work, but for sure it gives you more control.

Added 18/09/2013 RoseHosting has been providing top notch hosting services to thousands of customers around the world since 2001.

All our VPS hosting plans are fully managed and support running any JAVA environment you could run on any other Linux based server. Also, our experienced admins are available 24x7 and able to help you run Grails in no time. For more information, please visit Perfect VPS hosting provider to run Grails. 24/7/365 support with easy upgrade options.

Added 19/06/2013

A2 Hosting

Use our exclusive A2 QuickInstaller to auto-install Grails to your VPS Hosting account! Hosting on high-performance SwiftServer platform. Featuring SSDs with page loads up to 300% faster than standard drives.

Edited 5/6/2013


Added 8/07/2007

You manage yourself your server, well virtual server. But they help you to install software, if you want it. Prices (per mo.): $20 for 96MB, $25 for 128MB and up.  Ahh, $10 setup fee.


Added 08/08/2007

Virtual Private Servers for $25 with 256MB. But they leave you with managing it. Currently, no swap memory support, which they say is not a problem for Tomcat, but may be an issue for JBoss.


Added 08/08/2007

Plans start at $20/mo (gives you a 256MB server). Looks good.


Added 1/10/2008

6 plans ranging from $7.95 to $129.95 per month (discounts for paying 3, 6 , or 12 months) Choice of OpenVZ or Xen virtualization

Disk Space: 2.5 GB to 80 GB Bandwidth: 100 GB to 2000 GB Dedicated RAM: 64 MB to 2048 MB (see note below) Dedicated IP(s) 1 to 10

Note: they advertise "dedicated RAM" but in fact this is the amount of virtual memory that they offer on OpenVZ. The memory limit is a hard limit on OpenVZ.

netcup -website only in German-

Review 1 is by far the worst experience I've ever had with any company of any sort.

  • Inability to cancel something via the internet that I was able to order via the internet. How can I legally enter an agreement over the internet but not exit an agreement? That is ludicrous.
  • 74.5€ in late fees on a 20.97€ bill, for a service that I was unaware of being subscribed to. I'm a poor student, I don't have cash like that laying around. This means I can't buy course literature in time for when the courses start.
  • The service in it self was not very good. Being artificially limited to 400KB/s is extremely bad, especially when bandwidth was supposedly 'free'.

Review 2

I cannot confirm the experiences of reviewer 1. I have a vServer at Netcup since 2008 and have never experienced any problems. Performance was great and billing was uncomplicated. Support was very fast and sometimes even replied on a sunday afternoon.

Added 7/27/2010

German based host - offering vServers with different Linux set-ups Root access via SSH - check out the Aluminium offer for just €1.69 p/m plus €10.- set up fee (100 MB guaranteed memory - 20 GB traffic - 4.3 GB RAID1 storgage)

WebNet Hosting

Use Our QuickInstaller to auto-install Grails to your VPS Hosting account! We also Offer Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Added 6/10/2013

Cloud Hosting


Added 4/16/2013

Cloud servers with pre-installed Java environment and applications. Managed Services available on demand.


Added 7/11/2012

Free hosting available, additional workers available for a fee. Service is considered 'beta' but seems to work with simple applications. How-To available:


Added 11/19/2010

WebAppCabaret App in-the-Cloud Hosting is a hosting solution that enables drag-and-drop deployment of applications onto scalable Load Balanced clouds. The service utilizes hardware Load Balancers that supports dynamic scaling of nodes. Pricing for GRAILS hosting starts at $10/month.

webhost-direkt - website only in German

Added 2/27/2011

German best webhost - offering webhosting, webspace for just €4,95 p/m


Added 1/17/2013

Cloud Hosting of java applications (tomcat/glassfish) in several data centers and with support in different languages (german, english, russian, japanaese ...) Easy setup without admin knowledge


CloudBees is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) focused on simplifying and accelerating the entire Java application lifecycle. Servers based on AWS and they offer a free shared VM with 128 MB of memory.

Webspace, Webhosting - Private JVM Java web hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers. Support in English and French.